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649 Scottish Do Over (2014-09-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s a big deal your 50th birthday and so the people wanted to chime in on it.”
0:00:33ACC’s 50th birthday card via Newsletter; Dutch bathroom birthday calendar tradition; ACC subverts Facebook; inappropriate birthday wishes; AgentOrange in from Kandahar, challenge coins; party at Mayer Manor, René Froger surprise appearance, Before They’re Gone book, JCD: “you got a Lytro?”, Johnny Walker Platinum vs Green vs Macallan Amber
0:28:22The “Fappening” stolen iCloud celebrity porn, actresses going public to raise “awareness”; compare and contrast bathtub kiddie pics CPS reaction
0:40:50September 20 PodShow reunion; solo podcasts cannot make money
0:46:58Producer Segment
0:59:58“Quiet period” before Scottish independence referendum on 18th, predicted: “Braveheart moment”, prediction: yes by 2%, do-over, no outcome
1:05:04Sister Willow in from Italy, influx of Libyan refugees, Lampedusa has changed from tourist destination to refugee camp
1:07:32Steven Sotloff beheading video: SITE, finder of bin Laden beard, Foley videos; web-scrubbing technologies deployed by Silicon Valley, “companies are grappling with increasing pressure to impose more censorship on the web”; green screen, steady breeze from fan; Obama: “their horrific acts only unite us as a country and stiffen our resolve to take the fight against these terrorists”; we only memorialize journalists, not soldiers; image from producer in Syria of Sotloff running antiaircraft gun, winking head, Anonymous-style TV static transition, message primarily to Obama, “our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people”
1:21:32SITE jihadist and white supremacist threat monitoring service, $2.5k enterprise service, D.C. and Bethesda mailing addresses at UPS stores, State Department and Qatar there also; Clancy’s Executive Order in which Iran & Iraq become the United Islamic Republic, attack Saudi Arabia, ebola release, China Taiwanese airliner shootdown; al-Qaeda in India; ISIS on Mexican border meme, ACC: “we’ve got .50 calibers here, we’re no joke!”, Bob Baer on “self-sustaining” ISIS; Douglas Herbert “all awrong”, “basically” medley
1:33:57Throttle the Net Day on September 10,, funding from Boing Boing, Cheezburger, Tumblr, EFF among many;; timing with Fappening; argument skit with Ben the Acme Bolt Company CEO; JCD on FCC: “what else can we regulate?”
1:55:46Donation Segment: JCD 0:00:00 quote
2:21:56E-mail on No Agenda’s “pro-Russian” stance; Obama on “American boots on the ground” in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania; “rapid reaction force”, tracking Russian military and Nigerian schoolgirls, “digital divide”; Obama: “borders cannot be redrawn at the barrel of a gun”, “now let’s put to rest, once and for all, the distortions, or outdated thinking”, Jack Matlock: “what does Russia want? they want a Ukraine that is not a threat to them”; Obama: “the Russian economy has slipped into recession”, ACC: “I’m thinking Putin’s in on it”
2:50:33Democracy Now on Luhansk: “that’s part of the reason why we felt it was so diffic… so important …” in front of Eiffel Tower, communications cut vs satellite phones; Putin’s “out of context” two weeks to take Kiev; Ali Kinani Blackwater’s Youngest Victim documentary
2:58:47Over 600 Blackwater/Academi contractors killed so far in Ukraine
2:59:39Joan Rivers dead at 81; Kia make-good on KPIX
3:02:29Woodward John Dean interview zinger
3:04:15No Agenda tip: don’t call Michelle Obama a transgender before you go in for plastic surgery