Call Clooney!

648 Centrifuge Him! (2014-08-31)

Show 648 album art
0:00:00ACC: “It’s a QSL bonanza.” (2:43:19)
0:00:30JCD’s new router; ACC quality chatroom debugging session: “jiggle the handle!”, 40MHz wireless bandwidth setting; remembering amateur calls, phone numbers, IP addresses
0:08:42ACC Netherlands family dinner: “burgers and bullets you crazy American, that’s right!”, talking global cooling with Marxist Uncle Willem, “you say some very dangerous things”; Koch brothers, Tea Party fundamentalists, ACC: “how are those mosques working out for you?”; Volkskrant political editor on Foley video; Mexican drug cartel emasculations
0:22:57Obama “yes we tan” suit distraction; Bill Clinton oral sex is not sex social norm; corporate dress codes; Obama: “I have the authorities to engage in the acts of terror that we are conducting currently”, “we don’t have a strategy yet”, route vs rout; threat to Jordan in the news; Australia Kurd airlift; Eisenhower 1957 anti-communism jihad endorsement
0:45:14Foley’s OPCA award for Gaddafi video; Bake Family Trust oil connections
0:53:08Terror Laptop of Doom “treasure trove”, Saudi cleric WMD fatwa, “basically it’s how to destroy the world”; Bob Baer: “you simply put somebody, a victim, in a centrifuge, you get the liquid out of it …”; Jihad for Dummies, 33-year-old “Minnesota martyr” killed, jihadi Disneyland recruiting video; Yale Law Journal on passport revocation unconstitutionality
1:24:47Producer thirty-three theory on early days of radio using pre-produced 33⅓ records
1:27:48Labor Day and various National Awareness Months
1:30:51Producer Segment: Club 33 retrospective; ALS foundation finances
1:52:51ALS You’re Not You trailer; MIT research on social media “insidious negative effects”
1:56:17Donald Tusk, Federica Mogherini replace Haiku Herman, Catherine Ashton, both anti-Russia
2:04:40Geneva Convention violation by televising captured Russian troops in Ukraine; Samantha Power on Russian obfuscation, Ambassador Churkin: “stop trying to undermine a regime you don’t like”; Jonathan Steele on civilian casualties worse than Gaza; Amsterdam Teslas, Ukraine stealing Russian gas, German Nordstream & OPAL pipeline control
2:25:26Nederlands Publieke Omroep de-nationalization; cheese and butter in Finland; Russia not recognizing Eastern Ukraine referendum; MH17 investigation secret agreement; Steele on Ukraine rejecting ceasefire out of desire for military victory, NATO candidacy delay
2:39:11ACC cashless Rotterdam visit, €8.50 card, Muslims everywhere; JOTA vs JOTI; chip-and-PIN VISA cards, liability shift, “you’re going to be seeing those cards coming thick and fast in the near future”, ACC: “I don’t want anything coming thick and fast near me, lady”, replacement “literally in a matter of days”, “cash under the mattress”
2:48:08Donation Segment: blowjobs for trans-Grand Duke ranks
2:56:32Arrest by Interpol for taking five-year-old from hospital
2:58:53Australian Attorney General George Brandis clueless on web surfing vs web address
3:02:06Military spokesperson: “Philippino peacekeepers from both positions 68 and 69” (CotD)
3:04:37Colombian Gardasil sickness in 200 girls; William S. Cohen in 1997 on earthquake machines, phantom moles, chemical & biological scares, ebolavirus & pathogens engineered for certain ethnicities; CDC cover-up of MMR vaccine adverse reaction in black Americans
3:10:53Second Half of Show: Michio Kaku on neuroscience weaponization: “you can also weaponize a hammer so it becomes a sword or becomes a missile launcher”, MKULTRA “psychics and all sorts of cockamamie things”; patent US7629918 B2 brain scrambler
3:18:17Lesotho coup, Assistant Prime Minister takeover