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647 Flood the Zone (2014-08-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh wow, oh man!” (2:56:25)
0:00:35ACC in Amsterdam, latency and Skype problems; JCD’s overheating router in the freezer
0:05:37Friendly TSA agents in Trusted Traveler program, ACC’s microphone
0:14:02Eric the Constitutional lawyer at the airport, worried about ISIS; polder jihadis, Foley’s Dutch jailer Abu Ubaida al-Maghribi; DoD guy at Steamboat Institute: “these guys are so bad that al-Qaeda has disavowed them”, “terrorist dark arts”; Dutch “hate imams”; Greta on Fox: “new proof: ISIS has plans to commit terrorism and the plans are global!”, “and the scariest part of all is right her in America, at least a hundred and forty of those jihadists are Americans”
0:27:26Barrasso on 16% of French supporting ISIS: “it shows me that the threat to the United States is even greater”; London Mayor Johnson op-ed on arresting those who go to Middle East “without good reason”, “ghastly jihadi tourism”, “rebuttable presumption”, picture with white sneakers, Newsletter picture with jihadis actors praying in all directions; jihadi John’s shemagh tied SAS style, black-clad in 108° weather; size of Indiana vs Great Britain
0:45:53Corker: “Congress should own whatever we’re doing militarily”; Graham: “hundreds” of Americans in ISIS, Jihadi Olympics; Mike Rogers: “one plane ticket away from US shores”; NPR On Point caller on proxy war, support from Saudi Arabia & Qatar; UK sources calling Foley video propaganda; Ben Rhodes on video as terrorist attack; OSU’s Peter Mansoor vs Harvard’s Steven Walt on threat; DoD guy on Iran ICBM, Sputnik
1:13:57GlobalPost precursor GroundTruth Project run by Charles M. Sennott, RYOT News; Peter Theo Curtis release in Syria; Sennott orbiting terror attacks; Michael Hayden: “flood the zone”, “ground truth that enables us to conduct targeted operations with kind of exquisite intelligence that that really requires”
1:32:02Producer Segment:; No Agenda marriage proposal
1:52:32Charlie Kaufman BAFTA speech on media “mass produced garbage” consumer culture; Kia hit piece: “that Kia then slammed head-on into a canal”; Kia hamster car
2:00:45Stingray use to continue in Tacoma: “it makes sense to have law enforcement to have access to the same types of tools to counter the type of technology that people who want to harm us are using”, “Patriotic Act”; Dutch bicyclists texting; Ted Kaczynski’s Industrial Society and its Future; new reality show Utopia
2:08:28Scottish independence referendum; European structural unemployment, solution: war between France and Germany; “Putin’s butter” in Finland due to Russian sanctions; Dutch professor’s letter to Putin: “the way you and your nation are convicted of crimes without evidence is ruthless and despicable”
2:21:15Chris Matthews on Pew poll showing 22% of Republicans believe Ferguson raises race issues
2:24:28California gun grab bill for when the owner “poses a threat”; Texas school district arming some staff members; nine-year-old Uzi shooting, no video available
2:28:29NPR Marketplace on kale, “the K-word”; TED “have more kale” evergreen; “greens”; Dvorak’s Greatest Kale Recipes with 200 blank pages, audio book read by ACC
2:38:26Donation Segment: $140 Trusted Traveler donation
2:49:46Tech news: McLaughlin Group on hacking driverless cars, “vehicles directed by a smartphone app”; “oh wow” to be banned; NextGov’s Aliya Sternstein: “agencies have to prepare for the unpreparable”, “ever-evolving threats that are hitting the internet”
3:06:44Thom Hartmann on carbon tax to save us from “the greatest threat we’ve ever faced”