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646 Boundless Barbarity (2014-08-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “Any other intro or is that good enough?”
JCD: “That’s good enough.”
0:00:33Northern California 6.0 magnitude earthquake; wooden Bordeaux boxes best protection; Molly and Ms. Micky at pre-Emmy party, JCD: “Why’d you marry that guy?
0:08:24Unwatchable 2014 AVN Awards; ACC blames VMAs; branding theory: leave it to consumers
0:12:41ACC banker friend: everyone in sales, TARP 2.0 for EU; ISIL branding, too scary to name
0:17:49ISIS planned from the beginning? Distractions in the media; Kardashian selfie compilation
0:24:44Ice bucket challenge guilt theory: “moral self-licensing” in “political correctness, pro-social behavior, and consumer choice”, licensing one’s self for subsequent bad behavior, chain letters; baptism, bucket hits power line; self-aggrandizement; altruistic or highbrow thoughts correlated with self-indulgent purchases; NRA anti-Bloomberg advertisement, LaPierre called out by Giffords; Harf on no challenge for Federal employees; role of self-image in licensing
0:54:04Producer Segment: $1k check scam with 45.8% interest; JCD’s Irish whiskey tube
1:24:47Tom Hayden to Thom Hartmann on “long war doctrine” from 2004, same year as the Wes Clark Seven; Clark on CNN: “I want to see the Saudis show some leadership here”, “how could you have an Islamic caliphate if you don’t control Mecca and Medina?” (CotD); Harf to AP Matt: “his answer was, we don’t have evidence the governments are financially supporting ISIS”, ACC: “I think they’re dating”, Harf: “their barbarity is really boundless”, Matt counters Grand Mufti point with Saudi human rights; possible secret deal with Iran
1:41:42Michael Hayden doing the rounds, apparently as punishment, 100 Americans in ISIS meme, “sooner rather than later”, “in a competition now with al-Qaeda Prime”, “there’s no way more powerful to express their street credentials among the jihadist community”, “we lacked imagination with 9/11”, “keeping the right people off of aircraft”, “exquisite intelligence”; German passports meme replaced with American; the road to Medina; Pentagon briefing with Hagel and Dempsey: “tremendously well-funded”
2:08:04ISIS downtown Chicago building Twitter message
2:12:08James Foley: attempted rescue; producers: terrorist John is left-handed, beheadings by blow to the back of the neck, Obama statement taken from Arabic; GlobalPost, families required to pay now, Bergdahl forgotten, Philip Balboni, Foley in Baghdad with USAID
2:29:03Katie Couric “in-home” interview with Foley’s brother and MKULTRA sister, military family, Starbuck’s cup, picture falling off wall to no reaction; call from Pope Francis; Dan Rather on paying ransoms out of loyalty
2:46:30Donation Segment: “penal” etymology debunked; Aric the Shill, customer service expert
3:07:39Mac & Cheese Day: Wisconsin Gruy√®re; “this recipe doesn’t require you to pre-cook the pasta, which is amazing”; ACC tries Kraft mac & cheese, workers: “don’t eat that, man”; Thanksgiving mac & cheese confirmed as a black tradition; recipe with cottage cheese and bacon
3:16:52“Wolcano” Bardarbunga, “the current aviation color code of Bardarbunga is red”, bid for control of European airspace
3:18:50Johnny Bench advertisement for Blue Emu pain relief spray: “take it from me, it works fast and you won’t stink”