Call Clooney!

645 Ghost of Austin (2014-08-21)

Show 645 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Look at me, boom!” (2:56:04)
0:00:32JCD’s maintenance kit for his printer
0:01:45ACC’s proposed four-week cycle of doing the show on the road
0:05:39ACC: JCD would make a great Wizard in Wicked; pre-9/11 trusted traveler experience, touch the sides of a magnetometer to set it off
0:12:18Ferguson: “war on black boys”; “change starts at the polling place”; Jason Riley on black on black violence: “but Al Sharpton didn’t head to Chicago, he headed to St. Louis”, Sharpton’s “peace mission”; Maddow: “extreme use of force police rioting”; Eleanor Holmes Norton: “is there something about the way elections are done in Missouri or in the county?”, test run for 2016; Bearcats and MRAPs, early days of Iraq when no one had body armor, Radley Balko on crisis negotiators vs Lenco Bearcat AC/DC promo video; Palestine sympathy protest
0:36:07New show Stalker trailer with evergreen scream
0:37:43Second St. Louis shooting paused video, Police chief: “Tasers aren’t 100%”; Sandy Hook Advisory Commission not deconstructing Adam Lanza; Hedy Epstein, “holocaust survivor”
0:53:38Producer Segment: ACC to Amsterdam Monday; ACC’s Frank Underwood gig
1:08:37Australian politician Clive Palmer on Chinese “mongrels”, “raised eyebrows”
1:11:48Iceland volcano: ACC: “the most beautiful flying weather ever”, “European travelers be warned”, “molten lava is on the move”, producer: “nothing happening right away if at all”
1:19:46Sir D. H. Slammer on “decimated”; “penal” and “testimony”
1:24:03Foley beheading: ACC: “kill a journalist, it usually helps”; “that ship has sailed, Obama”; non-grieving family; retaliation vs ransom discrepancy; Obama: “for no other reason than they practice a different religion”, “so ISIL speaks for no religion”, “endless slavery to their empty vision”; JCD on Foley’s stoicism: “I’d be biting”; “systematically beheading children”; Western passports meme, British accent
1:45:58“The Beatles” group, Red Book: McCartney outraged; Hayden: “we have got to take the wood to ISIS”, Waziristan; Mike “Jihadi Disneyland” Rogers: “single level threat stream” before 9/11, “the threat matrix is so wide and so deep”; Marie Harf: “ISIS or ISIL or IS or whatever we’re going to call it this week”; Imam on fighting ISIS branding, TASI “Terrorist Assassins of Syria and Iraq”; Ted Poe: “is there a connection between the Maxican cartels and groups like ISIS?”, phone skit; Harf hasn’t seen the Foley video
2:05:18Katt Williams Boston Marathon, Christopher Dorner routine, ACC: “well I look forward to working with him when you’re dead”; “they just barbecued this nigga on national TV!
2:10:47Donation Segment
2:23:46Elizabeth Warren: “Hillary is terrific”, whispered “it’s time to go inside” rescue
2:25:03Second Half of Show: former Canadian minister of Defense Paul Hellyer on UFOs protecting us from nuclear weapons; Corso’s The Day After Roswell; St. Paul, Alberta landing pad
2:31:41Tech news: Adam Carolla, Personal Audio settlement; JCD’s Vessyl cup column; JCD Scott Cook part with alpacas, Silicon Valley is bullcrap
2:44:57Ms. Micky’s wall of fame makeover, studio ghost eviction
2:48:11Kermit the Frog, Lindsay Lohan ice bucket challenge; guilt-ridden flagellants; donating lawsuit awards; social media international health crisis, celebrity “club”; Vin Diesel: “and Putin!”
3:02:58Monday National Mac & Cheese day, black Thanksgiving tradition, Patti LaBelle recipe
3:12:42Ebola in Germany; vaccine makers’ stock up; Show 666 on Día de Muertos