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644 Why Why Not (2014-08-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “To grow pot, that’s what a greenhouse is for.” (2:01:07)
0:00:33New York City latency, problems with interdevice communication; “weird” buzzer
0:03:23Ferguson riots: protest in New York City; “hands up, don’t shoot” Brown quote meme; Zain Asher on “economic tension between blacks and whites”, St. Louis as “ninth most racially segregated city”; “murdered in cold blood and left like an animal in the streets”; “murder of Michael Brown… or the killing of Michael Brown”; Obama on journalist arrests; “subject to arrest and/or other actions”; issues with prosecutor Robert McCulloch
0:20:25Rick Perry indictment causes amusement at the Gregg-Curry reunion
0:27:47ACC: “you don’t concealed carry do you?”; fast-talking Ben Shapiro: “every government law is backed by point of gun”; Bill Ayers on Second Amendment: “I think we should disarm”; Shapiro: “they know you’re a racist sexist bigot homophobe who hates the poor”; ACC’s IRS experience, tax lien; rethinking military police gear
0:43:46Gregg-Curry reunion: Pot Shards blurb by Tim Weiner, CIA took issue with covering Japan; tennis with the Brzezinskis, wants to be on Morning Joe with “Zbig”; Felix Rodriguez and Iran Contra; Aunt Meg CIA Russian ops bombshell; CVC: “they’re all on the spectrum”; Uncle Ren the rocket scientist on 1963 Mars crash spacecraft, lack of moon landing evidence, Elon Musk “modern day P. T. Barnum”; nothing from Aunt Meg on Putin
1:04:03Column of Russian armored vehicles in Ukraine, no video
1:06:24Responses to Samantha Power ISIS tweet “Christian who wouldn’t convert shot in head; 2 who did had throats slit”; Yezidis in Nebraska: “when he called his brother in Iraq, a member of ISIS answered”, selling Yezidi women in the market for $2; DoD spokeshole John Kirby on threat to Erbil: “put a hurtin’ on them”
1:22:19Producer Segment
1:34:02Airport stories: JCD TSA Pre✓ bottleneck, ACC “trusted traveler” tattoo, JCD henna recommendation; Canadian plastic bills; e-mails on Indians in Canada: doctors and Punjabis
1:50:06Climate summit in September; Al Gore working with WPP on campaign aimed at young people,; ice bucket challenge in midst of California drought, “gay Illuminati cult rites”, selfie do-overs; Kerry’s message: “what’s happening is the science! It’s screaming at us!”, “if you accept that science is causing the climate to change …”
2:02:51JCD’s Nigerian scam e-mail from IMF’s John David
2:04:51New York campaign finance, “independent expenditures” with words such as “vote”, “oppose”
2:12:44Bill Bratton Minority Report “predictive policing”, “actually in some respects you are identifying the criminal … now everyone in the audience with your iPhone or your Samsung phone can do exactly what Tom Cruise was doing”, Domain Awareness program, “it will actually be impossible to come into the city of New York and not have your license plate scanned in some fashion” (CotD); FastPass Faraday cage
2:24:38Bill Ayers on libertarianism: “they think that the market is holy”
2:29:33Donation Segment: Sergeant Fred “in the morning!”; archaeologist cousin Burr and peerage
2:44:42Comcast-Time Warner merger advertisement pushing net neutrality
2:49:35Ben Shapiro rant on socialists and narcissists
2:53:35$2k-per-night Peninsula Hotel opening in Paris, €900M investment
2:57:15Judge requires statement from IRS on lost e-mail testimony conflicts, ACC: “someone’s going to burn for this”, Watergate tapes “Rosemary Wood stretch”