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643 Brand Snowden (2014-08-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “Blind, and/or asleep”
0:00:32JCD back in California, ACC leaving for New York
0:01:25Letter from producer on Elizabeth Warren’s appeal over Hillary; Obama on vacation, “my fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure, is gone”; Warren vs Palin on meme production
0:07:59Creepy “he’s my lover” advertisement; effectiveness of jingles
0:12:52Ferguson riots: “hands up, don’t shoot”, Sharpton heckled on scene, Jamilah Nasheed: “execution style”, black Americans “under siege”; Bob Avakian on the scene; 1917 St. Louis race riots, photos confiscated; daily occurrence in Oakland; JCD: “Georgia has a lot of potential for some good race riots”; getting the black vote out for Democrats in midterms
0:38:342014 Gay Games, JCD: “it’s like having the Negro Baseball League come back”,
0:44:32Harf: Kerry at unsanctioned Myanmar hotel stealing towels: “Jen Psaki might, I don’t know”
0:48:01Producer Segment:; Scotch recommendation: Macallan 12; ACC on Daily Tech News 2299; No Agenda 33 car
1:07:34New York Magazine article on the news causing depression; Hannety a Sharpton analog, “convert or die” debunked; Yezidis not Christians; Hannity on decapitation, Nazi Germany meme, “dying from starvation and the thirst”, 40k slaughtered; Brennan clip on caliphate as “feckless delusion”
1:23:34Fred Kagan: “we may be weary of war, but war is not weary of us”, radioactive materials; ISIS rebranding; Lindsey Graham on “direct threat to our homeland”; McCain on al-Baghdadi’s “see you in New York”; Bob Baer to Pooper on IS crossing Mexican border, “death cult”; Marie Harf: “what we want to do is not allow them to take more territory”; Kerry on “iconic” severed head photo, Australian report on “class clown” Khaled Sharouf; selfie retakes
1:46:09Guess the Spokeshole: Susan Rice at African food security event
1:50:20Social media an international public health disaster, with terms like “viral”
1:57:43Producer’s motorcycle accident; NPR “sponsorship, underwriting, advertising”
2:00:18Donation Segment: Knight ring thefts; Brooke Baldwin
2:09:13Wired Snowden interview, missing Burberry glasses nosepad, “brand Snowden”, difficulty of doing international money transfers, national security outsourcing pushback
2:21:30Marlon Wayans on Robin Williams: “I think there’s something in these medicines”; lawyers in teen suicides connected to big pharma
2:26:55CDC Frieden: “intentionally created infections which remain a real threat” (CotD)
2:29:49Consular consolidated database issue caused by integration portal; ten-year lifecycle, fourteen-year service life; White House “Improving and Simplifying Digital Services”
2:33:07JCD in Canada, passport control; request for info on huge numbers of Indians in Canada
2:38:31Pussy Riot in new season of House of Cards; Erdoğan reelected; Haider al-Abadi new Iraqi Prime Minister, al-Maliki not stepping down
2:41:01Clooney’s fiancée turns down Human Rights Council panel seat; possible governorship run; Iranian hand snap, on Iranian filmmakers: “as Iran becomes more and more integrated into the United St… into the world”
2:45:58(No) tech news: “and the phone should be made out of bakelite!”
2:46:34Geert Wilders reaction to ISIS demonstrations; European deflation
2:48:41Finnish radio piece with Joseph Terwilliger on Kim Jong Un: “Chinese version of The Onion