Call Clooney!

642 Walking Bear (2014-08-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “I wish he would have done that, now I just sound like a stooge!” (2:15:19)
0:00:34JCD’s “weird” dystopian steampunk San Francisco dream; Ms. Micky moon awakening
0:03:06JCD’s anniversary New Braunfels smoker; Ms. Micky’s heroic brisket-eating after prolotherapy
0:12:06The No Agenda Tourette’s Club; Marilu Henner’s hyperthymesia
0:20:50Elections taking place in Turkey; Kerry rushed off to fix Afghan election outcome
0:23:12Iraq airstrike on artillery near Erbil, grainy Pentagon Youtube videos; Erbil’s 6000-year history, oil and gas convention in September, embassy and refineries; ISIS piling into truck video
0:31:56Biden in 2006 on Balkanization plan, mixing up Sunni and Shia; al-Maliki refusing to leave, probable hot tub “accident”; Amy Goodman: “President Obombing”; CNN on “Christian holocaust in our midst”; Obama on British and French partnership, “what we don’t yet have is a Prime Minister”; former Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari lauding US military; Ahmed Chalabi the George Washington of Iraq for Prime Minister
0:46:29Marie Harf: “well look, we’ve been clear for months now, that ISIS is an incredibly dangerous enemy”, “took some strikes today”; Vice al-Baghdadi profile, “captured” US weapons; Howard Dean: “the Kurds are a real country”, “and the third section is divided between people who are pretty much like the Nazis, absolute terrorists and almost subhuman”;, ACC: “this place is more active and more hip than Austin”; Obama’s not-so-final final question, “as if this was my decision”; Muslim penetration of Europe progressing
1:12:26Albright at Aspen Institute: “various arguments that go on, that’s what people like us used to do for a living”; Albright Stonebridge Group; Russia “off the record” conversation; Condoleezza Rice background; Robert Gates: “he doesn’t want to re-create the Soviet Union … he doesn’t want to be responsible for all those economic basket cases on the periphery”, Kiev’s history, “I always liked the definition of diplomacy as saying nice doggie until you could find a rock”
1:39:19Producer Segment: “Foleeey!” scream; Skyler the Dvorak family parrot
1:52:09Pot Shards by Uncle Donald P. Gregg
1:55:30High Rise Safety Initiative ballot measure for World Trade Center 7
1:58:15Porn industry, Grindr, Kaiser Health News pushing Truvada, “health care providers need to step up their game”; twelve-year-old dead after Gardasil; The Economist guide to prostitution
2:12:14ACC imitated in audio edition of Console Wars
2:15:29Tech news: Google to favor https in rankings; JCD using Bing as default on phone; Vinnie the walking bear, JCD: “the bear was looking for a phone”; SpaceX firings; British visa backlog
2:21:31The First Family Detail book on Hillary’s nastiness to Secret Service; Assault and Flattery
2:31:45Donation Segment
2:48:26Negative interest rates in Germany, European Central Bank quantitative easing, Portugese bank bailout; Dutch railway station closed off to non-smart-card users
2:59:13Sisi to build $8.4bn canal parallel to Suez; unaccounted-for $619bn, $544bn from Health and Human Services; The Economist on Obama, Jarrett not understanding business, wat je zegt ben je zelf met je kop door de helft
3:04:52JCD’s invite to ACC’s 50th birthday in Amsterdam
3:07:28Greenwald’s no comment on second leaker; Snowden at Bolshoi without glasses
3:08:34Ebola’s who’s next; $51bn for Nigerian electoral reforms; EU €845M pan-African initiative; Mozambique LNG facility, Tanzania; historical rural-to-city ebola pathway reversed
3:14:10Man who filmed Eric Garner’s death arrested