Call Clooney!

641 Extractive (2014-08-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s all corrupt. Sorry.”
0:00:32ACC “episode” stumble; stream falls victim to server migration; sleepless over “642 pipeline”
0:02:40Road trip to Global Entry interviews, ACC’s new CBP bestie
0:11:54Netherlands Business Support Office lunch; three-week immigration database “glitch”, hostage passports; Federal Reserve building tour, Symbols on American Money brochure
0:26:04Criminal taunts police on Facebook, tracked by IP address; Google kiddie porn scanning
0:29:54Toledo algae bloom: “climate change made it worse”; regulate small farms out of existence, hipster girl: “level the playing field”, “manure crisis”, “that’s a great question”
0:34:58Doctor dodges question on who prevents research during ebola outbreak; Obama: “let the science guide us”; NIH Dr. Anthony Fauci: “mortality up to 90%”, IL-2 antiviral patent
0:44:26White House summit with African leaders, Gambia’s Tahya Jammef in sheets with butt plug stick, O’Biden “the nation of Africa” à la Dan Quayle; Africa peacekeeping force for drug distribution; memorandum on expanding trade, investment; climate change fact sheet; Africa business Executive Order, $200M World Bank pledge to fight ebola; ebola dirty bomb warning
0:59:18Kerry on Hard Talk: “we also have extractive”, “because we listened to people in Africa”, Chinese contractors in on Kenya investment: “we are doing this because we think it’s the best thing for Africa” epic fail; “less Boko Harams, less al-Shebabs” veiled threat; Africa “powerful addition” to Obama’s legacy; like Libya, evict Chinese and rubblize
1:17:47Fauci originated “Brolf”; look for oil, mineral news in ebola countries; NYC anthrax drill
1:22:48Producer Segment: ACC’s DAW setup; Ramsey Cain DefCon meetup; JCD anniversary
1:40:25History revisionists on CA Proposition 19 not massing because of Oakland favoritism
1:44:14ACC’s Tourette fast reflexes & number memory superpowers
1:47:55More “words matter” in 640’s torture clip: “important for us not to feel too sanctimonious”, stammer as lying tell, “ban some of the … techniques”; Pawn Stars “weird” vs “odd”
1:52:34Ready for Hillary at Netroots: “we think it’s a really great value add”, Facebook valley girl: “driving conversations around that brand”, “um, uh, y’know” guy
2:02:06“Squat girl” Meredith Levine at IAB: “good native advertising respects the independence and the sanctity of journalism and at the same time really, kind of puts the onus on a reader to decide do I want to engage with a marketer’s content”, “storytelling tools”; NYT now-obsolete ethics guidelines, JCD on junkets, bloggers’ obligation, negative reviews; “paid post partners”
2:21:48Donation Segment: advice for a nine-year-old
2:33:11Foul-mouthed Abby Martin on Liz Wahl: “I was getting all this international press and then so she resigns live on-air”, Wahl a Foreign Policy Institute “fucking idiot pawn”
2:40:34Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Turkish pipeline; King Pils’ neighbor in Greece: Putin; Russian tank biathlon; Azerbaijan & Armenia; Russia-Iran $20bn oil deal; Sergey Glazyev roundtable on US role in Ukraine; as with Israel, no Ukraine atrocity coverage
2:49:43Israel negative coverage seems designed to set off Muslims hordes in Europe, anti-Jew riots; al-Baghdadi a Mossad agent; “does Iron Dome actually work?”, Democracy Now jazz bed
3:02:34Apple media event; Russian hacker story, JCD: “they won’t identify one site?”; Kaiser Alexander’s bogus tech company, Verizon’s “tech up”; Wikipedia editing freeze: Rumsfeld an “alien lizard who eats Mexican babies”
3:08:06Arwa Damon drunk EMT-biting lawsuit, shapeshifter theory, JCD: “lizards can’t drink”
3:11:10ACC ordering RadioShack items on Ebay as collectibles in face of bankruptcy