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640 Putinism (2014-08-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “Achmed, swallow the key!” (1:32:10)
0:00:33ACC mike humming problem; replace “weird” with “odd”, new meaning of “share”
0:04:49Kurt Eichenwald on conspiracy theories “harming the country”, medical experiments on refugee children; Michele Bachmann — foster parent to 23 children — on foster children as wards of the state; Agenda 21: “urban development, blah blah blah blah”, “grant trees the rights of humans”, JCD: “hey man, my pine tree votes no!”; “anti-vacciners”
0:22:58Eichenwald on truthers, muddying the waters in the wake of the 28 pages; Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, WTC 7 third worst structural failure
0:35:23Climate consensus paper on 97.1% of the 31.3% who had an opinion; Environment and Public Works committee report on “billionaires club” running EPA, Sea Change Foundation
0:50:00Ham radio Youtube video, ACC: “some guy looking at tubes?”, crazy stuff on 14.313 MHz
0:51:34Feedback on media policies not showing Newtown blood but showing atrocities overseas; Tsarnaev brothers missing “money shot” video
0:56:09Foreigners fleeing Libya, gunfire on Tunisian border, Obama in 2011: “no question that Libya and the would be better off with Gaddafi out of power”
1:03:11Producer Segment:
1:22:54NPR hushed-voice story on upgraded al-Qaeda “Mujahideen Secrets” encryption software: “it was like jumping from Windows 2.0 to Windows XP”
1:34:00Kaiser Alexander has filed for nine patents, JCD: “here’s a lot of money, just shut up and stay shut up”; Buzzkill Jr.’s phone drain identified as a Stingray operation; FISA court judges buying Verizon stock, USA FREEDOM Act compensation clause; GEO, Wackenhut getting a lot of money to house illegals
1:40:54RDI one-page declassified summary, IT staffers’ “lack of candor”; Obama: “we tortured some folks”, spectacular Obama stammer, “I understand why it happened”, “the plane in Pennsylvania had fallen”, “sanctimonious”, JCD recommends The Third Degree on NYPD torture
1:52:23Feinstein on unconstitutionality of CIA spying on the Intelligence Committee; Brennan: “we wouldn’t do that”, grimy hands on first printed copy of the Constitution lacking Bill of Rights
1:58:04Sanjay Gupta play-by-play on Brantley arrival at Emory University Hospital, CDC on ebola vaccine, “airlines are on the alert to cull the herd”, TNT’s The Last Ship
2:09:01Executive Order revising list of quarantinable communicable diseases, 2003 order added SARS, already contained ebola, VHFs viral hemorrhagic fevers “not yet isolated or named”, “cause or have the potential to cause a pandemic” influenza still in place, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases”; 1974 paper by Ehrlich & John P. Holdren
2:22:31Donation Segment
2:38:00Kale “the must-have superfood” in France
2:42:27Obama on Russia: “short of going to war, there are going to be some constraints in terms of what we can do”; Harf: “at some point I think the Russian citizens are going to be pretty unhappy that because of his actions in the region and other countries their economy is tanking, so that’s what it is designed to do …”, AP Matt: “so in fact you’re saying that the goal here is to make it painful on the Russian people”, Harf: “not at all”
2:48:26Fareed Zakaria: “Putinism” spread to Turkey