Call Clooney!

63 Save This Polar Bear (2008-12-27)

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0:00:20Bitter cold in Europe, JCD snowed in in Washington, Virgin America flight, Richard Branson the introvert, flight attendant’s party appearance via video; ACC all-in on easyJet speedy boarding, JCD on Pacific Southwest comedy acts, ACC on pilot “put it into reverse” pushing back from gate, Southwest modeled after PSA; Gatwick’s new terminal, Virgin America in-seat ordering; surreal “fall of Saigon” situation in Seattle; live stream active
0:10:35Homeland Security USA, ACC: “will anyone ever give a shit” about radio artifacts, No Agenda in presidential library, five clips of ACC in Dutch Broadcast History Museum, Silicon Spin in JCD’s basement, publisher Dell throwing out original cover art; ACC clearing out for move, 19th century sofa; JCD on newspaper photo archives; NYT partial Red Sox ownership; JCD’s 1x SCSI CD burner, bit rot, Plextor data recovery drive; disposable camera use by UK youth
0:24:28ACC recommends French documentary The World According to Monsanto; René-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet’s Madoff-related suicide, “feeder fund”, lawsuits galore; UK show about meter maid skimming £200k for Elvis collection; JCD Mama Mia thumbs-down, Patricia offered Streep role in Dutch stage version
0:32:24CIA bribing Afghan warlords with Viagra; JCD fan of Division A football, same win/loss reaction in both players and fans, in search of Richmond Spiders hoodie, “bandwagon jumper”; Mythbusters to tackle 9/11 tower collapse; Eartha Kitt & Harold Pinter dead, JCD: “they always die in threes”; Top Gear US-bashing trip to South
0:45:01Switch from semesters to quarters to dumb down students, tuition hikes, bringing in Chinese students; ACC on Chinese student pilot radio traffic, JCD on Japanese students at gun ranges
0:50:41JCD on Russian ruble devaluation technique; bookie William Hill £1.4bn in debt
0:54:14UK minister of culture calls for web site ratings; Queen’s Christmas speech: be more like us; royal indifference to Pim Fortuyn assassination; King of Belgium yet to accept Parliamentary dissolution, Belgium the “wide border”, European Parliament bouncing between Brussels and Strasbourg; JCD heading to Netherlands for Queen’s Day, ACC on country-wide flea market, art not selling, ACC’s semi-masters, Patricia’s fake address for tabloids
1:07:4850 UK government art collection paintings missing, JCD on Swiss buying black market art, ACC on Dutch free art schools, rotating works into private hands; JCD’s invitation to Vatican archive revisited; AstraZeneca appears to buy HPV Nobel Prize in Medicine
1:14:35100-mile wide border “Constitution-free zone” checkpoints, checkpointusa.usa “am I being detained” videos, military “training exercises” and illegal DUI checkpoints; San Franciscan at coffee shop with no intention of returning, increase in London beggars, JCD’s box of TechTV “big thinkers” caps for offramp beggars; JCD: “do not go to San Francisco”, parking 5 minutes for a quarter, NYC’s pension grab
1:26:47Calvin and Hobbes cartoon on JCD blog: $15/glass lemonade stand, “I need to be subsidized”; ACC on $100 per monkey internet parable
1:32:10ACC tree-less Christmas, Boxing Day retail blitz, cut-rate 50“ plasmas; JCD’s overstocked wine cellar; listener figures out where ACC is moving, CCTV-free zone; Spliffs 2 book from CVC, historical mandatory hemp production in US, ”top 50 stoners“, Queen Victoria’s ”cannabis tincture“; JCD on script-fixer Carrie Fisher on Shootout, ”anti-drug“ lecture from Cary Grant; Michael Bay on Canada Transformer ”scam“
1:50:00Outro: call-in experiment for next week