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639 Tangible Things (2014-07-31)

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0:00:00JCD: “It was disgusting. I had to turn the show off.” (1:37:33)
0:00:32JCD not a rule follower, but Christine Lagarde is
0:02:05Demonstration of show notes search and, ACC: “turn it down!”
0:08:18Ebola to top of headlines after Newsletter release; Marburgvirus in Russian labs; WHO memos & RFPs to develop AIDS-like virus, The Population Bomb, Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project, African birth control via anal sex, Litton Bionetics at Fort Detrick; The Population Bomb outline as boilerplate; White House 33-page paper on climate policy as insurance
0:24:48NPC1 gene essential for ebola, HIV; MH17 ebola connection; NSSM200 on mineral extraction; Harf: “the US missions in the affected areas have distributed messages … regarding the ebola attack”; Sudan, Zaire strains appeared simultaneously in 1976, Côte d’Ivoire in 1994; victim Kent Brantley age 33; Marburgvirus broke out in three places in Europe; Lisbon Treaty locking up communicable disease victims; infrastructure prevents spread outside Africa
0:45:39Yale study on communicating climate consensus: pictures win, especially for Republicans; 970k climate scientists; “mega-fires” in the West “the front lines of climate change”; NOAA satellite data stolen; internal strife within Greenpeace over investment losses
0:54:08Fed not raising interest rates;; China & Russia moving in on Argentina default; RT on China vs US in Africa; Chinese business practices “careless to the point of stupidity”, JCD Beijing & nasty Malay Chinese wine stories, Eric screwed by Chinese vendor on, War on Chicken; M.P. Rifkin Russia “oil transfer” slipup
1:07:11Producer Segment: Jeopardy! Hot Pockets and “in the morning”; ACC TWiT Twitter story; podcast; new Scott Mackenzie giblet at
1:33:35AP Matt tweeted ACC back; professor killed by macaroni-eating driver
1:35:47Gaza saturating news media; PBS animal sex series, jerking off porcupine
1:38:10Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “controversy”; Hoffman’s The Most Wanted Man; House floor immunity; Glenn Beck Massie interview; Israel in the headlines
1:47:38WSJ reports development cost $840M
1:49:25Psaki on school explosions blame; Harf to Brolf on “unilteral”, oops, “unconditional” ceasefire
1:56:20$700M Hellfire sale to Iraq; tanker of Kurdish oil off Austin, Ceyhan tanks full, fuel prices down; Turkish women’s laughter protest; more Gülenist arrests
2:00:47Douglas Herbert on Russian sanction loopholes “large enough to drive a couple of giant warships through”, gas industry exempt, not allowing banks to unload dollar debt; Merkel-Putin secret “land for gas” deal; $50bn award to Yukos; backlash: McDonald’s “ass cream with bear fillings” banned, BP 20% stake in Rosneft; The Economist on Putin’s “epic deceits”
2:22:42KQED vehicle donation call for action, Lumosity “leading scientists” superlative
2:24:59Donation Segment: “Morning Jew… Joe”
2:37:04No tech news; Personal Audio drops Carolla lawsuit, Carolla still raising money
2:47:10“Oh my god that is a-ma-zing!” from Archer series, “but Iran was like, no way, cash only
2:49:00Transparent Airfares Act of 2014: TSA hike, taxes & fees deception encouraged; TSA $15k “security checkpoint challenge”, ACC: “here’s my idea: build a bigger theater”
2:56:20USA FREEDOM Act “tangible things”, Holder’s emergency authority; Buzzkill Jr.’s story on draining iPhones with Obama across the street; NSL now “prohibition of certain disclosure”
3:08:21Meet the Press on NYT call for pot legalization, “a problem precisely for my mommy reasons”, “… eight IQ points, and … I don’t have eight to lose”