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638 Parliment Update (2014-07-27)

Show 638 album art
0:00:00JCD: “I have tech news.”
ACC: “You have tech news, John?”
JCD: “I actually have tech news; I have a clip.” (2:41:58)
0:00:34Cold weather in California; ACC’s transmission woes; “pinch a loaf” air conditioner guy; JCD at drag race, No Agenda battery car 33 videos up
0:12:00Happy Sysadmin Day; “Atlanticists” running the show don’t care about individual countries
0:15:03“Yatz” resignation, Ukrainian parliament melee; Psaki a comedic figure in Russia; Harf on new weapons, Russian artillery firing into Ukraine, Matt: “is there a Youtube video or something that you could point us to?”; Harf to Brolf on Kerry’s “dozen and dozens of phone calls”, Libya’s “decades and decades of dictatorship”
0:34:30Vast number of recent oil & gas headlines, Hemlock Grove on Russian gay meme, Letterman on Putin: “kill the guy”; IMF and Ukraine
0:43:06Illinois Republican on genital mutilation in Mosul; KT McFarland on “porous southern border”, jihadis “marrying up” with Americans, Saturday Night Live skit on white collar jihadis; Pistole at Aspen Security Summit on underwear bomber’s hygiene, Dempsey on ISIS and Europe’s “southern flank”; Germans promised not to move east; Dempsey: Russia “on a path to assert themselves differently”
0:59:14Megyn Kelly Bill Ayers interview: “Diệm got a bullet in the head from Kennedy”; Dempsey on ISIS as “apocalyptic” group
1:10:00Producer Segment: JCD recommends Portugese olive oil; Google Voice 666 message limit
1:29:52Feedback on Lagarde numerology, 7/27, Siri “Opening Gates Of Hades”; Americans get honorary knighthoods; coal rolling; angry Untermensch note
1:37:29Anthony Bourdain on Layover show: “big head equals success”
1:40:04Michael Hayden to Erin Burnett: “and this part now, I’m making up a bit…”, cut off (CotD)
1:42:53A lively Hillary in 2011 on Al Jazeera being “real news”
1:44:38Israel’s image problem disproves Jews controlling media theory; Palestinian unity government includes Hamas, Egyptian tunnels under Morsi blocked by Sisi; Leviathan gas field; Bill Maher: “I don’t think you can be an athiest scientist in the Arab world”
1:59:32Obama’s call for corporate economic patriotism; TX, CA tent cities
2:11:01Andrea Mitchell on Elizabeth Warren; who gets Ready for Hillary money if she doesn’t run?
2:14:01“A people cannot be responsible for the actions of their government” meme on Facebook
2:15:01Donation Segment: No Agenda jingles being stolen and used in other podcasts
2:26:31Deutschland Blitzkrieg: Jim Willie predicts Germany joining BRICS; some Russian banks kicked out of SWIFT; EU may be headed for dissolution; TTIP off the radar
2:32:46Turkish election coming up, Erdoğan being called a Jew-hater; Greek prophesy
2:34:59Putin nationalized Gazprom; only state-controlled banks being targeted for EU sanctions, privatization push; 1950 defense bonds ad: “ever-surging threat of red aggression”; benefit of controlled inflation to the government
2:41:58Motorola’s phone-unlocking tattoo sticker; letter from mayors to FCC’s Wheeler on “free and open” internet, “freely access lawful content”; ACC: “I think I would like my tattoo to interact to the internet of things”
2:49:17Shanghai Husi meat scandal