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636 Appification Generation (2014-07-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “And what kind, what did you use for bait?”
JCD: “A plum.”
ACC: “A plum, perfect!” (3:04:44)
0:00:34ACC post-move can’t find musical instruments, child’s “Putiiin!” clip
0:05:05Predisposal to blame Putin for MH17, Russia Netherland’s biggest trading partner through Rotterdam; no, this is not MH370; no benefit to Putin; Hillary: “Russian insurgents”, Russian stock market drop, “diversify from Gazprom”, “put Putin on notice”; all focus is on the bodies
0:29:40Yatsenyuk: “Russian-led terrorists”, “all these bastreds”, “war against the world”; Obama: “evidence must not be tampered with”, FBI & NTSB, “there will likely be misinformation as well”, “no one can deny the truth…”; UN emergency session, Psaki on FBI conflict of interest
0:38:14Julia Ioffe: “…downed by these boneheads with surface-to-air missiles”; flight plan mysteries, “commercial decision”, Air France & British Airways “scrupulously avoided Ukraine airspace”, ACC: “commercial aircraft have been flying over war zones for decades”
0:47:56PBS on “drunken hoodlums in uniform”; Stephen Cohen on “orgy of political opinion”; CNN: “the deep suspicion is that Russians were directly involved in launching those missiles”; McCain: “Hell to pay”; another RT resignation; Peter King on “Pyutin” & “Aeroflat”
1:00:17SA-11 “Buk”, JCD: (drunk voice) “let’s go launch a missile!”; targeting radar locks on mode transponder, secondary system illuminates target for missile; CNN virtual studio on “high-tech tracks”, missing missile; military planes “shadowing” civilian planes; June radar outages, NEWFIP “NATO Electronic Warfare Force Integration Period” exercises, jam transponder and advertise military mode, whoosh, done: false flag
1:16:09Obama’s hundred six AIDS researchers on MH17; Brzezinski: “we can still give Putin the chance to redeem himself”, “the city of London has become a Las Vegas for Russian financial transactions”; Merkel pushback on sanctions; ACC predicts Bosnia-Herzegovina outcome; Cohen on US & Ukraine refusing ceasefire; Iran Air 655, KAL007
1:33:01Producer Segment
1:46:48Adam Curry arrested in New Jersey for heroin and guns; ACC’s Harrison/Harold mixup
1:50:48NPR underwriter credit guidelines
1:55:44Australia vote to scrap carbon tax
1:57:01History of the 33 meme from 2009 show: hotel 33rd floor; old algae fuel clip
2:02:32Confirmation that “five white men” was from Harry Reid
2:03:34Listener complaint on loud harmonica, dismissiveness of ACC; ITMs at Post Office & Fry’s
2:13:15Tech news: Mike Elgin on wearables in movie theaters, solution: gaffer tape; ACC rear-ended; 4K TV hanging with Geekatoo, “Geek Squad” SEO
2:18:25Run, Liz, Run; Warren Netroots Nation “we believe” speech, “we’re willing to fight for it”
2:31:52ACC on “appification of an entire generation”; impermanence of media
2:44:07Donation Segment
2:54:50Fake TSA groper an international banker; ING Bank on Bitcoin
3:01:17Haiti Olympic sports complex open; Iron Dome explosion debris video
3:03:15JCD’s squirrel trap, ACC: “this reeks of Caddyshack”, possum not deported
3:06:58Ebola caused by climate change, danger of an ebola typhoid Mary behavioral health analytics
3:12:31Thursday: PBS, Afghanistan, new Snowden player Runa Sandvik; NSA racy picture swapping