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0:00:00ACC: “Hey, oxidated silver, we can sell that on the show, yeah, yeah.”
JCD: “We could.” (1:22:55)
0:00:47JCD warns against 2012 Bodegas Castaño Solanera Viñas Viejas headache wine
0:01:20MH17 crash, ACC: “McCain is over there, I think McCain has a beach house”
0:03:37“BRICS fever” launch of $100bn reserve fund and $50bn development bank
0:09:04New White House Russia sanctions; Putin & Merkel Brazil tête-à-tête; Gerhard Schröder at Putin birthday party; German sausage makers price-fixing fine; Germans using typewriters
0:15:30ACC now in South Austin safehouse; Donagh’s show notes search code open source on Github
0:20:55New Inspire magazine, NYPD Rebecca Weiner on US Open, “all roads lead to New York City”
0:24:13MuckRock CIA cafeteria FOIA, JCD: “this is MSNBC at its best”; CIA humanizing itself
0:28:59Moon landing anniversary; Bart Sibrel; Dutch flight company scam, JCD: “this is like the places that freeze your head”; Chris Hadfield on CNN
0:39:50Dead pool on how long MH17 will stay in the headlines
0:42:48Siberian crater due to climate change; CNN Carol: “if you noticed your last flight was unusually bumpy, get used to it”, clear air turbulence, “jet stream wind shears”
0:54:38Producer Segment: Google image search useful for detecting charity bullcrap press releases
1:06:02Lost Show 619 segment on FDA, WHO approval of Truvada PReP for HIV prevention, “bareback without worry”; 30 pills for $1360.37, patent extension; Pfizer drops antibiotic research, no new antibiotics; oxidated silver & seeds; CDC fires eleven scientists over lab chicken deaths
1:27:02MH17 another 777; dildo and heroin aviation expert back on CNN
1:28:38FCC 14-93 giant voice system; FEMA “geotargeted emergency alerts”, e.g., pancake breakfast
1:34:17ACC feedback on Palladian Rite “fascist”
1:36:55#IAmJada on Ronan, “Twitter firestorm” against cyber-bullying; FCC comment form supposedly broke FCC website, deadline extended one week, DDoS or “glitch”?
1:44:55MH17 took off from Schiphol airport; mint condition passport photos on Twitter, #prayforMH17
1:48:08Ryan Block Comcast call, JCD to write article on Google, Netflix boxes; more on MH17
2:01:26Hague no longer Foreign Minister, Neelie Kroes supporting Thorning-Schmidt; Nigel Farage on Juncker secret ballot: “we’re all going to be asked to vote, and we’ve got one candidate to vote for”; sash fashion; Mitterand and Kohl as Juncker’s heroes
2:10:04Benghazi suspect Faraj al-Shibli dead; Warren vs Hillary for “five white guys” SCotUS
2:13:31E-mail from millennial on listicle poll; the millennial beard, hair, tattoo look
2:16:13Donation Segment
2:28:20Dude named Ben: three more banker suicides, Extant A.I. named Ben
2:31:35Inspire magazine keeping Eric Holder up at night
2:32:55Dr. Oz “most memorable Facebook moments”; World Net Daily on $111k “social media person in Uganda”, State Department $630k buying Facebook likes, flu tracking via Twitter
2:38:199/11 Commission Report 28 missing pages, Rep. Thomas Massie at press conference: “it challenges you to rethink everything” (CotD)
2:42:47Austin fluoride protester Lucier running for mayor; AT&T running fiber
2:44:40Burmese Buddhist monks vs Islam in Mandalay
2:48:29Libya lockdown, planes destroyed at Tripoli airport, Kerry’s “nothing to see here”
2:51:34More on MH17; yoga program: “equanimity is such an amazing word!”; Ayn Rand “a twelve-year-old’s view of the world” on The Good Wife; more contradictory MH17 headlines