Call Clooney!

634 Rough Patch (2014-07-13)

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0:00:00ACC: “I love how he has that Silicon Valley thing. Right? Right? Right?” (1:50:53)
0:00:35ACC home alone on show day, boxes everywhere; repeater back up; ill-advised listening from Show 1, ACC’s desire to quit after Show 100
0:04:29World Population Day on the 11th; International Conference on Population and Development, Ban Ki-moon on “dead-end jobs”
0:07:25Curry family schlock parties
0:09:18Don Lemon epic fail on Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture article
0:16:09Schumer on corporations as non-persons Hobby Lobby decision, Pelosi: “really, we should be afraid of this court, that five guys should start determining what contraceptions are legal…”
0:23:16Palestinian bakery running out of ingredients, video of mountain of flour sacks; listener e-mails on Iron Dome effectiveness, US aid as “$3bn gift card to Raytheon”; Palladian Rite, three world wars leading to NWO, Albert Pike, Cecil Rhodes secret society for British rule, war on sovereignty
0:39:15Eurocorps; Francois Brunagel of EU Protocol Unit on flag, anthem, slogan, and multinational army; official sash of the European Parliament,; “Act React Impact” Hegelian Dialectic; JCD calls BS on Albert Pike
0:49:20Time opinion poll: millennials like socialism; Karl Marx on outcome-based education
0:52:11The inbred elite; “Queen has no power” myth; sashes as “wearables”, regimental ties; same-sex partners in ballroom dancing; JCDPPotD: millennial shopping practices
1:02:24Producer Segment: fictitious business names; John Fletcher’s “beautiful shouting voice”
1:14:13Camel’s milk the next superfood, camel urine in India; global warming causing kidney stones; Britain to experience blackouts unless “green balance” improves, JCD on California’s rolling blackouts; planetary weakening magnetic field
1:23:20Feinstein’s S.2588 on calendar, “cyberthreat indicator” indemnification, ACC: “this should be called The Private Sector Indemnification Act from Spying on your Customers of 2014
1:31:24Pro-Palestinian War and Peace Report argument on human shields, war crimes with CIA plant Noura Erakat: “fourth largest nuclear power”, two-week-old Netanyahu “mourn every child” tweet; @CIA’s insulting tweets
1:44:09Deutschland Blitzkrieg: relations at an “all time low”; Die Zeit editor: “many Germans think likewise”, “we have seen it in Nayzi Germany”; Psaki on “rough patches”; station chief a casualty of the CIA-NSA feud? Jessalyn Radack: “this spy scandal is the biggest such eruption since World War II”; Ursula von der Leyen headed for the top
2:02:30Donation Segment: ACC looking like drowned rat in Newsletter photo
2:17:29ISIS seizes 90 pounds of uranium, plus Saddam’s sarin & mustard gas; “calculus” meme
2:19:51Declassified documents on Guardian Snowden hard drive destruction
2:20:32Poroshenko vows to kill hundreds of militants per Ukrainian killed; Ukraine to sell off Ukrnafta, Odessa Port Plant; Hollande, Merkel, Putin three-way; Putin in Cuba, debt write-off
2:24:30Kerry in Afghanistan ahead of UN audit; cholera in South Sudan
2:29:13Phone bombs revisited, firearm-shaped foil cutout practical joke
2:31:35Silicon Valley interns being paid $7k per month; Silicon Valley hookers; Google heroin death; ACC’s billion-dollar idea from airport mass-casualty drill: ham radio gamification
2:52:21World Cup finals: JCD says Argentina wins; Papal handshake; ACC predicts German win
2:54:58Next show will be at ACC’s new place; homemade sash with No Agenda challenge coins