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633 Reverse the Curse (2014-07-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “Good to see everybody who loves God in different ways killing each other. Good work everybody!” (0:53:01)
0:00:36Early start on the podcast; Ms. Micky in Mexico for birthday, Dutch birthday traditions; Dave Jones the Freedom Controller guy visiting ACC
0:05:43Brazil’s spectacular World Cup defeat, Dutch team only booked through semifinals; unrest in Argentina over Lear layoffs, sovereign bond default
0:18:01Deutschland Blitzkrieg: yet another spy outed: “in a city with a rich and murky history of spying”; Greenwald to Tapper on “other media outlets” publishing NSA leaks; “a secret overseas nuclear project, double-dealing by an ostensible ally, and the identities of aggressive intruders into US computer networks”; new spy is in military, “substantial damage in public opinion”; Sarah Harrison keynote at Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum on “unaccountable power”, “both a legal advisor and a journalist”; Snowden’s German lawyer Wolfgang
0:39:38Israel vs Palestine as harbinger of global meltdown, $3.1bn annually from US, “Jewish state of Israel” meme back; Iron Dome, Tel Aviv; Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood
0:56:27Robert Kagan The Allure of Normalcy NWO piece, neocons shifting over to Democrat party; US as “the locomotive at the head of mankind”; distillation tower en route from Turkey to Kurdistan; listener on Iron Dome working, patriot missiles
1:13:22Producer Segment: new e-mail template 35% open rate
1:42:27JCD got a QSL card from KE0AMZ, ACC getting QSL cards by Ms. Micky
1:45:28Afghanistan election: Abdullah Abdullah favored over our guy Ashraf Ghani Zana-e Bush “wife of Bush”, Psaki on “serious allegations of fraud”, Ghani TED talk
1:56:26C-SPAN intro for discussion of internet freedom with Bruce Schneier; Michael Cops missing own irony on internet deregulation; ALEC, Council of Mayors behind State municipal broadband bans; Cops on political ad spending, Section 317, “so than when you saw those ads, you’d know who was trying to buy your vote”, JCD: “this is idealistic bullcrap”
2:09:41War on men: Harry Reid on Hobby Lobby ruling by “five white men”
2:11:02Corker’s Nuland call-out on nonexistent Russia sanctions: “wake up in the mornings and look in the mirror and practice talking tough…”; RT journalist to Psaki on citizens killed in air strikes, “Russian-backed separatists”
2:18:31Obama on immigration in 2011: “…change the law myself, but that’s not how democracy works”, 2014: “to fix as much of our immigration system as I can, on my own”
2:19:39Donation Segment: ACC & JCD daughter stories
2:33:18Greenwald’s five Muslim-American leaders “fireworks” story catfight with Shep Smith, pre-Obama, “Mohammed Raghead”, no mention of Faisal Gill Senate investigation; Feinstein cyber-security bill accepted by committee, social media working group, “climate change event”, ACC: “attention, attention! this is Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter, telling you to cower in place!”
2:54:24TSA electronics power-on policy, “I’m a rule follower”
2:58:20French law banning suspected jihadis from traveling, blocking jihadi web sites
3:00:20Blackwater State Department investigator threat; S.1681 Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014, FBI consistently exempted from limitations
3:04:11Elm Guest House Pedobear inquiry
3:09:53For 634: Gates Foundation, Haiti virus, Spanish bail-in, DDPP “deep decarbonization” report