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632 The Weed Mobile (2014-07-06)

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0:00:00JCD: (echo) “Under the lights on Friday night: information competition, with double-A field dragsters going against funny cars!” (1:43:18)
0:00:37Netherlands over Costa Rica in exciting nil-nil game; top Brazilian players out, Brazilian girl to ACC: “otherwise there will be big fire”
0:08:01Deutschland Blitzkrieg: US spy in German intelligence agency arrested; Merkel in China; French LNG pipeline into Germany; 80-year war cycle; Russia-Austria South Stream deal
0:19:28Boeing, Pepsi, Ford, GM big in Russia; Shell to develop Yuzivska field on eminent domain
0:25:32Presidential podcast sans makeup; lame Republican podcast
0:29:01New Stuxnet-like malware “Energetic Bear” from Dragonfly group discovered by CrowdStrike
0:31:47Stormtroopers 33; Christine Lagarde numerology lesson on the “magic seven”, “compression of numbers”, “it will also mark the seventh anniversary of the financial market jeeters”, G7 & G20: July 20 armageddon? JCD: “it all spells Beelzebub to me”
0:44:25Producer Segment: JCD’s first time on the repeater; shirts
1:06:45Jay Rockefeller on e-cigarettes: “but nicotine is nicotine, little kids are little kids”
1:11:15Stelara psoriasis drug ad; four-day Medina polka party ad
1:15:43Reefer Madness, marijuana edibles killing people, “doses”, JCD Super Bowl brownie story; Colorado dealing with Federal banking laws; “Mini-Mart” fake pot funding terrorists: “as state sponsorship has declined, terrorism funded by criminal activity is on the rise”
1:34:16Guardian Hillary interview on State Department social media use: “…to monitor their media, and to be not just passive observers, but to intervene”, “Voice of America and all of our related efforts”; donated everything to Clinton Global Initiative; “What was he doing downloading all the rest of this stuff, that could only help Chinese surveillance, Russian surveillance, al-Qaeda…?”, “the information competition that exists between the West and the rest”
1:43:43The Intercept still dark, Snowden gives Washington Post 100k selfies pieces of target info
1:46:56PBS story on supposed DHS threat to Intebbe International Airport, ACC: “we’re going to blow up something in Intebbe tonight, goodbye!”
1:51:41Joan Rivers on Obamas gay, transgender (CoTD)
1:53:20Donation Segment
2:01:29Cloward-Piven strategy, overload system and institute welfare, immigration crisis in Southwest
2:04:27Amy Goodman in Sweden at Almedalen convention, Kucinich: “the thinking is very deep”
2:07:53“Solution” to Hobby Lobby ruling: make everything over-the-counter
2:12:44UN considering refugee law amendment for climate change; redheads endangered in Scotland; Sir Bob Geldof pushing £11bn smart meter upgrades in UK
2:16:09Westminster pædophile ring
2:19:11Verene Shepherd slavery reparation shakedown, ACC: “I have a better idea: I say, cancel Christmas, cancel Sinterklaas, and tell the kids, she did it
2:26:40Colorado teen ratted out by pastor
2:28:23Most of Niagara Falls diverted into hydroelectrics
2:31:45Obama: “a new effort, to fix as much of our immigration system as I can, without Congress”; executive pastry chef, Michelle: “there is no crack in our pies”; stop The JerkTech
2:38:15C-SPAN call-in from stoner on marijuana diesel, hemp American flag
2:44:06Outro: John Cleese explains soccer to Americans