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631 Micro Propaganda (2014-07-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “Islamic state! That would work!”
JCD: “Exactly.” (1:54:31)
0:00:32Facebook psychology experiment, micro propaganda; CIA Project Pundit ghostwriters
0:06:57Enquirer’s “I’m Not Chelsea’s Real Dad” story, Bill’s “if I die” 2M votes; O-bots turning from Hillary to Warren, “where would even consider…” Twitter banner typo
0:16:18SCotUS Hobby Lobby decision: Nightly Business Review produced by CNBC, Terry O’Neill: “the men who wrote this decision… have entered into a war on women”; contraception vs birth control, for-profit vs nonprofit; Cecile Richards: “women better pay attention to who’s running for office in November”, Frank Schaeffer on SCotUS “GOP lackeys”, Wasserman Schultz: “you have organized religions that oppose healthcare, period”; “the insurance companies shall bear the burden of this, as is the case with nonprofit religious organizations” (CotD in aggregate)
0:53:30Producer Segment
1:05:47Hospitals buying consumer transaction information from data brokers
1:08:19World Cup: Italian soccer player bribes to the tune of $100k per player, referee bought in Finland-Liechtenstein match, fake team in Togo; low-scoring game easier to fix; “Tourette’s (TS) sufferer” Tim Howard; producer dinner with Brazilian ambassador: 2-1 Brazil-Germany
1:24:38BNP Paribas $8.9bn fine
1:27:27DHS reacting to “no immediate threat or plot”, “new generation of bombs”, “not a lot of metal parts”, first batch of Russian warplanes to Iraq, “spike in fears that the violence in Iraq could overflow onto American soil”, JCD: “does anybody working at these networks actually understand geography?”, swab machines at gates, security fee increase and no cap
1:38:14Ali Mohammed Brown manhunt, “jihadist training” in California
1:40:09Offensive KLM tweet on Mexico victory
1:41:48Kardashian $500k Vienna Ball trip with comedian in blackface, “niggers in Venice” joke
1:50:38Amy Adams gives soldier first class seat (CotD), ACC: “I’m so emotional I need a Hot Pocket!”
1:53:06ISIS rebranding to IS skit; Netanyahu all-in on independent Kurdistan; KRI pipeline, Genel Energy run by Tony Hayward formerly of BP; Iraqi parliament walkouts; Mike Rogers: “safe haven the size of Indiana”
2:04:42Sarah Harrison acting director of new Courage Foundation, “scientific journalism”, “Berlin stands with Snowden”; Bolivian plane “forced down” lie redux: “extraordinary… that a President’s plane would be downed”; Greenwald bombshell delay excuses; “Glenn Greenwald who met, of course, with Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras in Berlin”; ACC: “Fifty Shades of Snowden?”; Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board now all-in
2:24:07Donation Segment: Andrew Carnegie’s private box #33 at Carnegie Hall
2:38:37Possible Norwegian circumcision ban
2:39:41Newtown DoJ Office for Victims of Crime $7.1M hush money for victim families
2:40:48News Hour changing to WETA for production
2:43:44New Polish member of European Parliament on “war on global warming”, “humbug”; zero population growth movement; “carbon negative” meme; water as commodity
2:50:58Conference of Mayors resolutions on Common Core, broadband, “lawful content”; FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking released, “lawful network traffic”
3:03:03War on cash: UK Oyster-like card already in use, Lollapalooza going cashless
3:04:02Ebola trending, 20% jump in number of cases