Call Clooney!

630 Double Twister (2014-06-29)

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0:00:00ACC: “I think you’ve, didn’t quite say, outed Tim Cook!”
0:00:34JCD: “I’m phonin’ it in!”; “dudes named Ben pounding the backend” on Gmail API
0:03:01World Cup: Netherlands vs Mexico; Dean Karlan payoff formula; March 30 Simpsons episode with Homer bribed as referee; 2.83 goals per match; final call: Brazil-Germany 2-1
0:13:32BitTorrent Sync DHT distributed hash table fix; PTP search engine
0:16:27African Growth and Opportunity Act changes for Madagascar & Swaziland
0:21:31Worldwide minimum wage meme, #livingwage, State one-upsmanship game
0:25:18Marie Harf’s inappropriate USA sweatshirt; NASCAR “competition yellow”
0:32:29Kerry: “critical for Russia to show in the next hours, literally…”, Harf: “the Secretary wasn’t outlining specific timing for additional sanctions…”; Ukraine agreements signed in Belgium, Haiku Herman: “there is nothing in these agreements … that might harm Russia in any way”
0:39:54Russian South Stream pipeline through Caspian Sea, Bulgaria cyber-attack & bank runs
0:41:41Turkey blocking Euphrates to cut off hydroelectrics, “water war” meme, U.N. up in arms over Detroit water shutoffs
0:44:33Obama requests $500M for “appropriately vetted moderate rebels”; ISW ISIS Baghdad battle plan; Israel on “independent Kurdish state”, Mika Brzezinski on ISIS, al-Qaeda merger
0:49:27Gynecomastia Risperdal side effect; Mental Health Support Team, “involuntary mental health first aid”, “refuse to take meds” meme
0:57:36Michael Bay’s The Last Ship meme-fest, “a virus of unknown origin”, “melting permafrost”, “you led the Russians right to us!”, “global pandemic”; Nebraska double tornado, upcoming Into the Storm film: “it’s splitting, there’s three, there’s four, they’re everywhere!”
1:06:49ARRL Field Day; “doomsday prepper” arrested in Florida, “all they can do is pray”
1:12:05Producer Segment: “go away bad guy” Postfix error
1:29:23JCD’s new microphone, allegedly broke wind on 619; Rev. Manning “bingo boom shakalaka”
1:33:53Biden: “my child has a drug problem… vast majority of parents face that”; National Review on Warren as Obama of 2016; Obama reneged on deal to support Hillary, Boehner; Indonesian “yes” culture; Obamas sleeping separately, cigarettes & junk food
1:46:55Tim Cook “outed” on CNBC; gay = ratings
1:55:14Whoopi on hate speech: “spoken like a true white guy, I don’t mean it in a bad way”
2:01:30Adeena Karasick on technology & media: “spectral, and virtual, and simulacric”
2:09:54Sonavault archiving e-mails before sending to IMAP/SMTP, Sonasoft “no access” to IRS e-mails; reports from listeners named Ben; Lotus Notes migration, Mr. Cool’s mea culpa on Brolf; “whether we couldn’t convert to a more searchable, more retainable e-mail system”
2:31:11E-bay study on online advertising: nothing makes a difference
2:37:30Donation Segment
2:45:53Anniversary of Archduke Ferdinand assassination, killer memorialized with statue; Zakaria on 1914/2014 similarities; Nazi hipsters “Nipsters”; German government jettisoning Verizon
2:51:47Polish blowjob comment: Poland not in ESTA; anti-Polish sentiment among Jews, Maus pigs
2:59:33Norm Pattiz’ PodcastOne page, Kathy Lee how-to
3:08:24Jimmy Savile the necrophile; Ofcom “television-like” podcast fee to “prevent hate speech”
3:13:40UK bus service to go cashless, Oyster smart RFID card, allowed to go into negative balance
3:19:18Alan Cohn on quadrennial homeland security review: “improvised nuclear device”, PPD-8; dirty bomb survival tips: containment control, distance, shielding, time