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62 The Greatest Depression (2008-12-20)

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0:00:26ACC and Patricia back from Netherlands, Popstars reveals new group RƎD!; JCD on reporters no longer going into football losers’ locker room, in favor of losing coach interview; ACC proposes America Loves Losers and Hookers; CVC “just downloading a YouTube clip”, JCD “Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves” article reaction: Lyndon Johnson talked out of declaring martial law because of uncontrollable campuses, decline in SAT scores; Obama martial law threat, riots triggered Greece; turmoil in Belgium over Fortis Bank nationalization
0:11:59Naked body scanners at Schiphol Airport, ACC on barking back at rude airport security, “there’s no laptop in there!”, JCD recommends Sinclair Lewis’ It Can’t Happen Here and Nien Cheng’s Life and Death in Shanghai, JCD predicts giant Obama “Dear Leader” posters; Bush forks over bailout for car companies; Wall Street Bernie Madoff writ large
0:21:33Slingboxes in Hawaii and Detroit; four undersea cables cut; Russian warships in Cuba
0:28:20Democrats bitching about Obama’s convocation pick, Brownshirts, California military DUI checkpoints, DHS border checkpoints, Guilford “suicide by cop”, Posse Comitatus Act; three more brigades for Afghanistan, creepy Bush-Karzai hug, creepy Obama-Biden family kissing; JCD: “if I see a military guy at a roadblock somewhere checking DUI … then I’m not gonna argue with you any more”
0:38:22Strange activity in Earth’s magnetic field, 1997 geomagnetic storm, 2012 Mayan calendar
0:42:26Monsanto shill Tom Vilsack announced as Secretary of Agriculture, 2007 $400k campaign debt help from Hillary; herbicide-resistant GMO corn killing lab rats; Michelle Kidman “barren” from playing didgeridoo, JCD: “obnoxious instrument”, bagpipes worse
0:48:34JCD’s flu shot mercury, Reuters on 98% failure in lab, JCD on traveling with Tamiflu
0:54:31IMF’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn warns of civil unrest in face of economic woes, Al Gore blames bitter cold on global warming, JCD on Civil War era newspapers reporting bizarre weather
1:00:50EasyJet flight attendant on euro-pound parity: “why travel any more”; ACC on London Eye
1:03:42Malcolm Gladwell and another author to Charlie Rose on new books on nonexistence of talent, JCD on Gore Vidal and Los Indios Tabajaras, Gladwell: IQ points above 120 worthless, JCD: “new twist to the self-esteem movement”; grade-school history book New World Order chapter; JCD on Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward; Bush 41’s “New World Order”; Charlie Rose and Robert Gates both Brzezinski friends; ACC Mevio Today political commentary
1:17:32RIAA to stop suing people for music sharing in favor of working with ISPs; Madoff house arrest vs Martha Stewart; Obama promises more school internet; Ohio election fraud guy Michael Connell killed in plane crash after running out of fuel, federal employees
1:25:18Greek mass privatization; JCD on 0% interest rate and the need for inflation to protect banks, negative interest rates, fake recovery before “The Greatest Depression”, worst-case 2013 bottom of depression, French Revolution, Coolidge-Bush parallel boneheads
1:39:19Wikipedia not an adequate substitute for real research