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628 Italian Lightning (2014-06-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “Do they even know how to hold a taco?” (2:43:57)
0:00:32Alameda Country fair open; ACC’s Ham-Com report well-received
0:03:34A. Nolen blog post on Kathy McMahon peak oil analysis
0:09:57Glenn Beck on abu-Katala, fear-mongering Goldline promo
0:14:04Reading from The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski; Lagarde on IMF reforms, US dragging feet to avoid losing voting power to China; Mosul-Haifa pipeline, Hunt Oil George W. connection, new version to run through Jordan, Brzezinski: “Iraq as an entity… was somewhat of a fiction and we demolished it starting with 2003”; Robert Serry accused of funneling $20M to Hamas;,, Turkey being circumvented
0:37:27Anne-Marie Slaughter’s disdainful laughter on NPR: “the Syrian people have been begging for our intervention”, Cruz: “Core al-Qaeda… have renounced them”, caliphaaate!, “al-Qaeda army”, blitzkrieg memes; “bring back our humvee”; 6K boots on the ground already, Obama: “American military advisors”, Levin: “US nonmilitary advisors”; ISIS gold grab
0:58:52China-Canada tar sands deal; Greek rail improvement, British nuclear power & high-speed rail, Cameron: “the UK recognizes the rise of China as one of the defining events of our century”, CNOOC Royal Dutch Shell deals, China lowballed the French
1:05:41“Cognac for breakfast” Juncker for European Council Presidency; Farage excluding Wilders & Le Pen from block vote; Polish Interior Minister & central bank Governor leak
1:11:36Producer Segment
1:35:38Kim Kagan’s sound-alike Reverend Melissa Scott was porn star Barbie Bridges; podcast app updates, BitTorrent Sync 50-peer limitation; JCD’s Detroit speech video available online, log in with Facebook scam; Inside the Bubble documentary on Kerry, “The more you get to know him, the less you like him”, underwear joke revisited
1:54:16Michele Bachmann at Faith & Freedom conference: “chemical weapon cachets”
1:56:50Guess the Network: NatGeo’s Alien Invasion; Guess the Movie: Thor: The Dark World
2:01:38IRS e-mails: Steve Stockman’s “Dog Ate My Taxes” bill; Sonasoft; John “Mr. Cool” Koskinen, Ryan: “I don’t believe you”, 20% drive failure rate after out of warranty; spokeshole Earnest: “there’s not a shred of evidence that substantiates Republican conspiracy theories”; teaser for Sharyl Attkisson interview
2:21:59Michael Hastings’ handler widow Elise Jordan on “conspiratorial theories”, “tragic accident”, Bowe Bergdahl connection; sudden death of Sandy Hook lead investigator Podgorski
2:31:01Climate hearing with Daniel Botkin; another memorable wrap-up from Senator Whitehouse
2:37:18Donation Segment: ACC & Ms. Micky moving; Armando the postal carrier got married
2:49:50Survey of online video advertising
2:51:10E-mail, blog post from Sir Atomic Rod on French nuke pullback, Russia gas interests
2:53:44Google & Microsoft on the kill switch bandwagon, California bill to make it opt-out
2:55:28Biden with super-soaker: “anybody who writes a bad story about me is dead!”
2:56:44“The Hilldebeest” in Edward Klein’s book Blood Feud on Clinton-Obama relations
3:01:21Craig Whitlock on drone crashes; Colorado “gas explosion”, “Italian lightning”
3:06:56Ebola out of control in Guinea; experimental vaccine; Gardasil now approved for anal cancer
3:11:39Sen. Tom Carper at dirty bomb hearing; Chicago street lamp sensors; Google Skybox acquisition, sub-50cm resolution
3:21:58UK cashless weekend experiment; JCD: “don’t do business with Chase”