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627 Scam Celebrities (2014-06-19)

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0:00:00ACC: “So we blew up the Brotherhood Pipeline.” (1:29:54) for screen management; tech press used to write about useful software; disdain for Amazon phone, ACC: “it’s a cash register”; meeting with MacUser staff: “Mac forever!”; T-Mobile UnRadio no data cap deal: where’s the outrage?
0:07:21Mimi’s dog died, JCD learned of it on Facebook; MTV alumni group
0:15:33World Cup prediction: FIFA bribes, German team, ACC: “by the way, they’re good at building camps”, Brazil JCD’s pick; Nigeria, Argentina restructuring deal rejected by US Supreme court; JCD at meat market for Mexican nil-nil; UK cocaine shortage
0:27:38Kim Kagan on C-SPAN call-in show, MKULTRA Melissa Scott voice, ISIS: Islamic State of Iraq in Shām, Levant includes Israel, Paris 1919 Sykes-Picot line-drawing agreement; al-Baghdadi “the dude from Baghdad” release from Camp Bucca; ISIS annual report translated by ISW, “metrics-driven military command”; ISW’s Elizabeth Obagi previous role on Syria
0:44:28Kagan: “al-Qaeda splinter”, ISW “does not take any money from the United States government in order to keep itself fully independent”, annual report thanks: General Dynamics, DynCorp International, Palantir, Northrop Grumman, CACI; $25bn for training
1:00:58May 14 Defense Security Cooperation Agency planned $1bn anti-terrorism sale to Iraq; Yalies running the show; Lindsey Graham “open source reporting”, “Syria is a launching pad”, Cameron: “…are also planning to attack us here at home in the UK”; McCain in Iraq; Rubio: “including attacks here in our homeland”; Obama War Powers letter; Petraeus for President? “…extremists, who do happen to be Sunni Arabs”
1:25:19Royal Dutch Shell selling majority of stake in Woodside over Leviathan pullout, Bill Clinton advisor to Noble Energy, Israel-Turkey pipeline in the works; Anderson Pooper live = setup; trying to get Kurds in control since 1990; Ceyhan tanker departure upcoming
1:37:44National Day of Making 2014
1:37:57Producer Segment: ultimate podcast device Universal Audio proposal
2:05:50France ditching nuclear power, “going green”; Dutch windmill LLC’s, subsidies; Kerry: “at least 98, 99% of all the scientists in our country”; seagull plague
2:17:41Dr. Oz FTC hearing, “knowledge partners” like Pfizer, “scam celebrities”
2:25:43Hillary on book rounds, only 60K copies sold, Simon & Schuster say otherwise; Patricia Smith mother of Benghazi victim: “if it’s classified, fine, whisper it in my ear”; abu-Katala Benghazi mastermind capture, Psaki: “if you’re volunteering yourself for future endeavors…”
2:35:09Cannes Lions American Express Silicon Valley gobbledygook: “do it in a real authentic dynamic fun way”, ACC: “lady, just process my credit card transaction!”
2:38:50Donation Segment: Modi-Omidyar connection; Dutch funny names tradition
2:49:20John Temple joins First Look; Oliver Stone to direct competing Snowden movie
2:54:37France 24’s social network bandwidth stats; Morning Joe on SCotUS Facebook threat case; JCD on new Twitter blocking process
3:01:38Six more IRS e-mail archives missing; spokeshole Josh Earnest: “you’ve never heard of a computer crashing before?”; deserter Jenkins’ 40 years in North Korea
3:06:1874 school shootings meme debunked; Delaware H.347 bullet-resistant whiteboards
3:11:25Blue/red transitions, Texas “reliably blue”; high school NRA, Vatican firewall bias
3:15:52FCC to promulgate regulations against traffic prioritization, no surgery exception
3:19:59Late Father’s Day callouts