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626 Preemptive Prosecution (2014-06-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “Squirrels are winning the cyber-war.” (1:45:08)
0:00:36Father’s Day, 1910 vs 1972
0:04:30ACC in the truck en route to Ham-Con fleeing tornado warning spawned by rainstick
0:06:12Fallout from Mevio podcast feed, 301 redirect ignored, “app culture”, JCD: “hey vending machine, you’re out of Mars bars”, Stitcher’s $18.7M
0:22:10Ham-Com: emergency service controversy; D-STAR, HSMM-MESH on firmware-hacked Linksys & Ubiquiti routers, Disruption Tolerant Networking; pathetic flea market with Beanie Babies
0:43:05Producer Segment: 22 executive producers
0:59:29Iraq: McCain: Obama needs new national security team including Patraeus & Kagan, Institute for the Study of War; Boehner: Obama “taking a nap”; Iraqi deserter on generals leaving in civilian clothes, ACC on 2003 Iraq experience with farcical “training”; ISW predictions, Blogspot; ISIS promotional film, JCD’s Lebanese driver’s video on ISIS guys driving around with a .50 cal, ISIS/ISIL ten commandments for Islamic rule
1:13:29Kurds sending oil via Ceyhan-Tbilisi-Botas pipeline from Iraq to Turkey; Mike Morell: “this is now an al-Qaeda army”, “base of operations from which they could attack the United States”, Iranian takeover thesis on NPR; 2011 Greek Orthodox prophesies on World War III; “mission accomplished” on regime change; State Department, Obama on $5bn Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund in $50-70bn Overseas Contingency Operational budget request
1:28:15Constellis Holdings consolidates Triple Canopy, ACADEMI, and others, Ashcroft & Inman on board; Kerry on “transition”, “increased ramp-up assistance to the Syrian opposition”, “terrorism partnership fund”; Constellis’ Strategic Social
1:37:21Project SALAM on “preemptive prosecution”; DEA sharing wiretaps with law enforcement
1:44:19Chinese hackers believed to be able to blow up pipelines or shut down power plant; JCD story on squirrels as cable plague, got a taste for capsaicin
1:46:41A-10 designer Pierre Sprey on F-35 uselessness: “it’s a turkey”, “the first thing to know about stealth is that it’s a scam”, “the point is to spend money”
1:53:19Soufan Group’s Robert McFadden on ISIL’s huge wealth, oil fields in East Syria, Saudi money; enigmatic ISIL leader Ali Bakr al-Baghdadi; Soufan Group Qatari testimonials
2:04:40Elon Musk patent giveaway
2:06:44Donation Segment: Swedish war on cash
2:22:39Business Insider native Venmo ad: “paper currency is the new gold”
2:25:34Sharpton: “the GOP infighting is esculating. Politico says Democrats are outright jiddy”; Obama officializes pronunciation of GIF as /ɡɪf/
2:29:43“What is evangelicalism?” “great question”; Stewart, Colbert on Dave Brat’s God references
2:35:18European radar “disappearances”, X-class solar flares unreported
2:37:20Chaffetz on Lerner e-mail retrieval time; Sarbanes-Oxley 802(a) $1-5M private sector fines
2:44:50Bloomberg Business Week Xiaomi “amazing stuff” in tech
2:47:24Producer on Common Core “money making bonanza”
2:49:09JCD on TWiT with Jolie O’Dell; Internet Association response to FCC; Netflix, Google cache boxes; FCC’s war on cable
3:00:05Hillary “freezing pockets”, “free ride”; JCD’s Hillary medley; Greenwald’s “classified” uncorrected proof; Sotomayor at Hillary Costco event buying mac & cheese
3:04:36Father’s Day credits