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625 Touching the Stick (2014-06-12)

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0:00:38JCD’s peculiar caps lock situation with clip filenames; clipping methodologies; Dvorak on Telecommunications media tour with different radio station layouts
0:10:21Bowe Bergdahl beheaded according to Kerry (CotD); to Hagel: “have you ever considered going to Landstuhl and talking to him there?”; Marie Harf thrown to the wolves, with Andrea Mitchell: “Marie, in fact, that was claimed initially…”, “the architecture of what this might look like, including in the Bergdahl case was briefed to Congress”
0:21:11Miss USA pageant: Louisiana on Bergdahl: “I do not feel it is right that we subject ourself to these acts of terrorism”; 4th degree black belt Louisiana rigged question on campus violence against women; North Dakota’s “old bullies”; weird female six-pack muscle
0:36:20Mevio feed gone, reminder; rainstick power in Netherlands
0:41:18June 15 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
0:42:53Producer Segment: ACC to Ham-Com in Plano
0:50:23Brian the firefighter on forest fires caused by bad logging policy; Libya locust outbreak; Bill Maher “bullshit” on mean temperature; hundred doctors meme on Years of Living Dangerously final episode, Obama: “it’s frustrating when the science is in front of us”; Beanie Baby Y2K debates on Silicon Spin, Y2K compliance; Eric S. Raymond Hoping for the Crazy article on warmists wishing for El Niño
1:13:22Eric Cantor loss to Tea Party Dave Brat on a tenth of the money, no Koch money
1:17:45Obama signs Water Resources Reform & Development Act of 2014, loan guarantees for public/private sector partnerships, Enron model of legal monopoly
1:24:59Bodyguard Blanket advertisement; Miller Las Vegas shooting 17-second surveillance video shown once on CNN and faded to black; History Channel Boston bombing simulation video; Holder’s domestic terrorism taskforce, Australian gun ban meme; MSNBC “teacup television”: “who are constantly delegitimating and vilifying…”, debunked 74 school shootings claim, “Obamma Stammer” at Tumblr event, Port Arthur shooting equated with Newtown, Constitution a “tradition”, “I respect gun rights”
1:47:58MAIG, SPLC mobilized immediately, Vianovo’s Matthew Miller on SPLC 800% increase due to racism, Potok on “patriot extremist groups” 200% decline after election, Bundy ranch as “huge victory”, “opening shot”, “I’m not sure I could prove it statistically” on numbers increase; Aaron Ybarra off antipsychotics, Anderson Pooper “voices in your head” piece, JCD: “ie wears an IFB for God’s sake!”, ACC: “come here, Anderson, kill Brolf!”
2:04:31PBS on friendly fire incident caused by B-1 bomber according to Afghans; A-10 Warthog to be retired; “there is the possibility that fratricide may have been involved”
2:13:13Donation Segment: ACC recommendation on dealing with son’s Tourette’s
2:28:06Kimberly Kagan of Institute for the Study of War on Iraq situation, emirates forming around Mosul and Raqqah; $10bn Iran/Iraq/Syria Kirkuk-Banias pipeline to Mediterranean in competition with Qatar/Turkey pipeline; Qatar & Saudi Arabia funding ISIS
2:51:36Common Core: PandoDaily report on Microsoft involvement; all new Pearson materials to run on Dell machines running Microsoft OS; OK, SC have withdrawn from the standards; pitch man Gene Wilhoit; Gates: “we fund people to look into things”, “I have no… y’know this is giving money away”;; “I expect my kids to know a superset of the Common Core Standards at every single grade involved”
3:03:02JCD teaser for Japanese video game “Princess Powers” serfdom propaganda