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624 The Sluggish Cloud (2014-06-08)

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0:00:00ACC: “Dad, do I have to? Oh, Dad, do I have to?” (1:00:15)
0:00:32Warship weekend on the ham bands, ACC QSO with U.S.S. Orleck, imitates HF SSB pileup
0:05:54Secret Service social media sarcasm detector RFP; cynics’ Alzheimer risk; people like lists, listicles because of “cancel any time” completion factor; NA mailing list open rate spike from “hey” subject line
0:12:44Media response to CIA on Twitter vs increased redaction of droning justification
0:16:26D-Day National Remembrance Week 2014, National Flag Week; World Cup opening ceremony; Presedential delegation to Poroshenko inauguration in Kyiv
0:20:17McCain at VA press conference on Bergdahl deal: “they are Taliban and al-Qaeda, don’t you understand that?”; producer(s) on Bergdahl family “hippie spectrum”, home schooling; Bowen, Walker, Murphy not killed in efforts to rescue him; Oliver North on “prisoner of war” vs “hostage”, “someone has paid an enormous ransom”; five-year twice-yearly prisoner exchange rehearsals; ACC has seen “Saving Private Lynch” and Saddam capture videos; “Rev” Sharpton “shut and dry”, no “precetent” in Gitmo prisoner releases
0:44:19School lunch expert with Sharpton on Obama lunch program; CNN Carol: “that was Mrs. Obama back in 2010 when she signed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act into law”
0:54:44Producer Segment: insta-Baron π donation; Comic Strip Blogger’s show notes search JS
1:10:01NPR on David Koch pulling funding for PBS Citizen Koch documentary; ACC on MTV planetary premiere with Michael Jackson “the king of pop” suffix
1:25:51EU news: Lagarde will not run against Juncker; Athens Riviera in privatization agency; Dutch HMO-style insurance changes; Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Dalia Grybauskaite possibilities; Belgium’s Euroclear $201.1bn investment in US Treasuries, depression of 1857 caused by too much gold in the market
1:43:51Orange is the New Black chick series, ACC: “hot lesbian sex by cute chicks”; Netflix Verizon error messages, over-reliance on streaming, Mozilla DRM, JCD on “sluggish cloud” vs 8TB local storage; VirnetX VPN patent lawsuit, Science Applications Informational Corporation a spook outfit, Apple will be compromised; Twitter stock closed at $33.33
1:57:56Donation Segment
2:05:48Sisi elected in Egypt, Assad in Syria, Haitian protests against Martelli
2:09:53Carney on press corps knowing 15% of what’s going on, White House the “locus of power”
2:12:16Global warming subcommittee: coal plants releasing more carbon than Korea, “more powerful rain bursts; ”raise your voice, not the sea level“ promo video; Roger Wicker on insulting rhetoric, intimidation of witnesses, Ed Markey wrap-up: ”we have heard today that climate change is having impacts on the ground right now“, ACC: ”oh no, not the oysters!“; 30% EPA reduction by 2030; ”global climate warming“, Yale climate change group on psychological impact of terminology, ”reduce issue engagement“; USPS sea surface temperature stamp
2:35:41Michelle Obama Senate run rumors, upcoming Diane Sawyer interview, JCD: “get used to it, Elizabeth Warren: our next President”
2:42:12Kaiser Alexander lying on Amanpour: “everyone has substantiated that this is the right approach”, Wheel of Fortune analogy; Six-Week Cycle cyber-attack
2:48:51South Stream Pipeline a big problem for EU
2:51:19JCD teaser on Benghazi inquiry: contempt of Congress punishable by up to a year in jail; action on Holder, Lerner contempt not legally optional; Hillary will not testify