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623 “Fact Pattern” (2014-06-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s Khirullah Said Wali Khairkh...wa” (1:34:17)
0:00:34Joint Resolution 19: Sessions, ACC: “did he just do a line of coke?”, Reid on the Koch brothers “wealthiest men in America”, “I felt so... unclean for lack of a better word”; Cruz on the top 16 donors spending on Democrats, Koch Industries #59, “the second canard is that money is not speech”; Citizens United explained; Schumer pretends to address Cruz
0:24:40Joint Resolution cosponsors, JCD: “Tom Udall, the dumbest guy in Congress”, Cruz: nonprofits are corporations, “the ability to silence bloggers”; JCD calls Sessions’ office, video on, JCD: “it’s a gold mine!”; Al Franken shtick
0:42:52Obama on European Reassurance Initiative modernizing the Polish military: “we’ll increase the number of American personnel… continuously rotating through allied countries in Central and Eastern Europe”, $1bn request to Congress, Nuland on stage with Kerry, Kagan: “and finally my Kagan, he is my Venus, he is my planet Earth” (CotD)
0:51:14Haiku Herman wows the Japanese Prime Minister: me ni aoba, yama hototogisu, hatsugatsuo
0:54:20Producer Segment: Old Crow Reserve bourbon; Bowe Bergdahl “sacred duty” meme
1:19:08Bowe Bergdahl: Chris Hayes scripted interview with Pentagon spokeshole Kirby, “no negotiations with terrorists”; “we didn’t know they were going to Swiftboat Bergdahl”; Susan Rice on “last of the Americans”, “captured on the battlefield”, Carney: “last uniformed member of the military”; JCD CIA “big poppy-guy” Khirullah Khairkhwa theory, similar deal planned for Chris Stevens’ release? Friedman “long on psychopaths and short on leadership” tweet; Saxby after secret hearing on life not in danger; Marie Harf: “Google it on the web”, ACC: “I Googled Marie Harf naked”, “fact pattern”, “the very highest levels of this government”, JCD: “we have top people working on it”, ACC: “Poor Marie, I bet she popped a Valium right after that one, boy”; Rubio dodges “impeachable offense” question
1:49:02Syria’s landslide Assad re-election; international observer boots on the ground; internet voting not a good idea
1:54:05Richard Clarke on Democracy Now promoting Sting of the Drone novel, “attack that leaves no trace, that looks like a gas explosion”, frangible ammunition
1:58:51NPR conspiracy theory series: 50% of Americans subscribes to at least one theory: “no matter how much disconfirming evidence comes in, you somehow convert that disconfirming evidence into part of the conspiracy”; Lancet and Harvard fluoride stories; cocaine in London water, drug money saving economy, ACC: “all economies revolve around drugging people”
2:09:30Donation Segment: Brazil Snowden interview, begging for asylum
2:18:30Modern police vehicles lighting up like Christmas trees
2:20:46ACC inundated with e-mails from “reset the net day”; increasing anti-Google sentiment, Marc Andreessen on Snowden as traitor; teen question to Pelosi on NSA support; new NSA Director Mike Rogers interviewed by Trish Regan, whistleblowers on NSA retaliation, Rogers on NSA facial recognition: “we do not do this in some unilateral basis”, repeated “US persons”, “we will encounter Americans persons in the wilderness out there, so to speak”
2:50:48Sharyl Attkisson on her book Stonewalled on media manipulation; now at the Heritage Foundation Daily Signal
2:55:47Harry Reid Joint Resolution 19 opening speech ending “I’ve got places to go”; Halsey Minor Bitcoin company