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622 Operation Chokepoint (2014-06-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “Well, things move fast in this world.” (2:36:58)
0:00:31California weather’s turned cold
0:01:15Bowe Bergdahl: another distraction from the Veteran’s Administration scandal; HMFIC producer on promotion upon capture, 12 killed or wounded in attempts to recover him
0:15:09Operation Chokepoint: spread to firearms & ammo industries; similarity to FBI taking down Al Capone for tax evasion; Grayson amendment; Chaka Fattah: “the yellow pages for the internet”, ACC’s Internet Yellow Pages, “how people can create their addresses on the internet”, “to have us empower the Syrians or someone with control of the internet” (CotD)
0:43:49Canadian Environment Week on JCD’s Google calendar, ACC on Google calendar permissions: personal information, e-mail “without owner’s knowledge”; African-American Music Appreciation Month, National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, Great Outdoors Month 2014, Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month, National Oceans Month
0:58:39Producer Segment: Sharpton vs teleprompter part 2
1:14:55NBC Snowden interview feedback: Kerry on violation of oath, which a contractor would not have taken; Deborah Turness supposedly texting questions to Brian Williams; missing glasses nosepiece may indicate interview was done in 2013, Snowden/Poitras/Greenwald/Miranda selfie in Russia dated May 22 without EXIF data, “Берлин” in Putin call-in chyron; JCD on Greenwald book: “everything that a Woodward book isn’t”
1:28:23Obama not visiting Germany while in Europe: ACC: “yeah, Germany’s got Snowden”; Sarah Harrison Deutsche Welle keynote, re:publica 2014, Kristinn Hrafnsson the new WikiLeaks guy; everyone’s in Berlin, JCD: “happenin’ place”
1:37:18British GDP boosted by £10bn drug & prostitution economy; EU North African immigrants
1:42:05Presidential podcast from Children’s National Medical Center on asthma exacerbated by CO2, “hundreds of scientists”, “carbon pollution”
1:47:10Annoying spelling bee kid: “kabaragoya, I know it!”
1:48:20JCD’s Catcher in the Rye joke from end of Show 621 a reference to Conspiracy Theory film
1:50:27Syrian safe haven: Tampa suicide bomber Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, “terrorism techniques”, “nightmare scenario”, Six-Week Cycle
1:56:22Carson Daly Snowden #Patriot vs #Traitor analysis, JCD: “what’s with the music?”
2:01:06Donation Segment: credit to Mark Thompson & Marc Van Landuyt for Show 599 PBS bit
2:18:03India’s rape problem: 25k yearly; police charged in refusal to file complaint; weird Indian “CNN on steroids” on Roku
2:22:14Second Half of Show: History Channel on Area 51 alien varieties
2:24:51Elliot Rodger shooting: Mike Thompson’s Promoting Healthy Minds for Safer Communities Act of 2014, “involuntary outpatient commitment”, “build on the partnership between the Federal and the State government”; Vanderbilt professor of psychiatry on MSNBC: misogyny is a mental illness, “crazy masculinized rhetoric of guns”; “terrorism”
2:39:10Hillary: “politicization” meme, leaked Hard Choices Benghazi chapter
2:42:42Thom Hartmann on Republicans being responsible for unemployment
2:43:56Eurasian Economic Union between Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus; Vitali Klitschko taking heat as Kyiv mayor, Wladimir Klitschko, Hayden Panettiere engagement on Kelly Ripa
2:50:00Long e-mail from Dutch Moroccan producer on Wilders’ Moroccan comment
2:53:49France vingt-quatre on French canned wine, JCD on 1970s canned wine, can coatings