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621 Gun Extremists (2014-05-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “I have to admit I listen to each show repeatedly, probably four full times start to finish.”
ACC: “Wow!”
0:00:39Fixing ACC’s truck post-breakin
0:02:56Brad Pitt attacked by Borat-like Ukrainian goofball at red carpet Angelina movie promotion; Kate Middleton’s butt photographed for Bild, vs; ACC thanks W.T. and Bert B. for RSS news feed
0:08:10Brian Williams Snowden interview as Greenwald book promo, Snowden in elevator like reality show; “Did you say earlier you were still serving your government?”, no mention of CIA, not “still on payroll”, no mention of girlfriend; grandfather working for FBI in Pentagon on 9/11; Russian blogger registration law, “free press” vs “free speech”; he still can’t speak Russian?
0:24:26Snowdwn’s missing glasses left nose pad; of NSA: “senior officials are investing themselves with powers that they’re not entitled to”; Greenwald to name names in next revelation, NBC/Greenwald reporting relationship, Snowden insistence on government clearance; Greenwald: “my duty to my source is to bring the message that he wanted to bring to the world”; “being a patriot means… knowing when to protect your comptitution”; Kerry: “well, for a supposedly smart guy that’s a pretty dumb answer”; Bob Baer: “he went to the other side, and that is a real problem for especially people like me that worked in the Cold War” (CotD)
0:59:14Producer Segment: TrueCrypt, xkcd $5 wrench cartoon
1:13:20Santa Monica shooting: DSM-IV; no word on three Asian stabbing version; substitute teacher Lenny Shaw: “I said if I ever had met anyone that fit the bill of a potential mass murderer, it was Elliot Rodger”, Studio Seven on psychic fair; Dr. Charles Sophie, LA County Beleagured Child Welfare Agency, Beverly Hills practice; Asperger’s producers on obsession target;, ACC: “this Dr. Sophie is a dangerous individual”; Simon Astaire interviews, medication question finally asked: Xanax, “I don’t know the legal side”
1:44:27Moms Demand Action merged with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, “gun extremists” new meme; hashtag tracking, #yesallwomen from two years ago; CNN Carol: #notallmen, “rape culture”, “do we tell men: don’t put drugs in women’s drinks?”; teen white girl misogynist hip-hop market; Salon’s Brittany Cooper: young white guy problem, terrorism; 70-year-old burglar; Christine Lagarde, “it would be hard for the European Parliament not to endorse her as she’s a woman”, in court for embezzlement when she was French Finance Minister
2:04:58Donation Segment: holster for ACC’s Judge; notes on bank transfers
2:22:10WISP Brett Glass on Security Now: “we don’t have a choice, we must carry Netflix, we must make sure that the quality is good. They have a choice, they could afford to either serve us well or not”; “two-sided markets”; who pays for gigabytes of software updates?; JCD on Air Pollution District mandate in 1955 to shutter in 1975, still in business; smart cacheing clobbered by DRM & licensing, ACC: “greed and power and non-smartness”
2:45:00EU election: low turnout, Euro-skeptics “far right” 25-30% except Netherlands; anti-immigration over economic concerns, Geert Wilders Moroccans comment, van Gogh & Fortuyn killings, Dutch history of anti-Semitism; UKIP branded racist but did well; “ticking time bombs” in parliament
2:57:47Pervasive media control: ACC’s daughter worried about lack of Winter, JCD: “no way out”, ACC: get rid of phone, replace with wireless tablet; JCD on uselessness of latest Google Maps on phone; phone and Facebook addiction; smokers and phone users out on sidewalk