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620 Dead Man Cuffed (2014-05-25)

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0:00:00“…the Calle Veinticuatro Latino Cultural District…” ACC: laughter (3:17:02)
0:00:40JCD revisits his mouse prediction and 3-year-later column on why the Mac is a success
0:04:35Atlanta customs: “you can solve this really easily by becoming an American citizen”
0:09:28Obama: “…the Baseball Hall of Fame is a powerful economic engine”, propaganda walk to Interior Department; Zingerman’s visit with background checks and fake customers; White House doing its own photos, “reflective moment” on Rosa Parks bus
0:15:50Back through TSA every landing, ACC’s super gay opt-out guy; unpacked electronics bag completely when leaving Japan; Takashita glasshole was with boingboing; Google translate
0:24:40Nonexistent meteor shower on 13000-year cycle;,
0:27:08Prayer for Peace Memorial Day 2014, National Hurricane Preparedness Week 2014
0:30:08Santa Barbara shooting videos taken down, archived by Gay Crusader; pseudo-podcast “Hey Elliot Rodger here…”; war on crazy, women & guns; My Twisted World “manifesto” PDF-less on Scribd; Alpha Dog connection; Rodger lawyer: “high-functioning Asperger’s”, “Rodgers” vs “Rodger”; parent: “craven irresponsible politicians and the NRA”
0:50:35Sheriff Bill Brown election on June 3, California State Mental Health Commission; knife victim son of anti-gun District Attorney? ACC: “since when do we handcuff dead guys?”; knife victims’ “murder”; early reports of second suspect in custody; Brown: “very very apparent that he was severely mentally disturbed”; CNN too-horrific-to-release convenience store video
1:02:17Risperdal/Risperidone; JCD: “I’d like to rent a handgun”; SPLC blogging immediately, #yesallwomen; iPhone videos? Peter Rodger’s “cheeky” photography
1:20:22Producer Segment: refined definition of native advertising: PetChats
1:59:40Obama to Afghanistan to deflect VA attention; veteran survey used to leverage Obamacare
2:02:04Boko Haram barracks attack, 600 freed prisoners massacred by army; armed by CIA and/or army; China trying to get in oil industry; kidnapped girls rewards for barracks fighters; who used #bringbackourgirls first? Coup and rubblization predicted; 80 US troops to Chad
2:09:28EU vote: “far right” on the upswing although Geert Wilders was not; 3-day voting window
2:14:25David Suzuki on Moyers: down from 41% to 34% concerned, “taken to court for willful blindness”, “intergenerational crime”; James O’Keefe fracking sting video at Cannes; Kerry at Clean Tech Challenge on “unprecedented” European temperatures
2:22:48David Remnick on Charlie Rose: “fascist countries don’t hold democratic elections”; Lavrov on Svoboda “neo-Naysies” Nuland meetings; Putin on Obama: “if he wants to judge people, why don’t he get a job in court somewhere?”; Georgia, Moldova agreement with EU
2:33:22Coal mine fire in Turkey hurting Erdoğan; CIA the destabilization experts
2:34:35NBC Snowden interview Wednesday; Greenwald $25k gigs; First Look shut up money; commencement speeches: Valerie Jarrett at Pomona College commencement: “and believe me, we have ways of knowing everything you’ve been doing online”
2:43:45Donation Segment: ACC truck broken into; strange dreams
3:01:21Fast food strike: McDonald’s CEO: “real career paths”
3:03:47Mark Leibovich: “watching all the mafia families: the Clintons, the Obamas, the McCains…”
3:06:08Fremont CA police state community-based surveillance and plate readers
3:06:56Hillary post-brain damage: “rather than picking up the pace of where we had… moved toward”
3:10:41Mimi no longer listening because iOS 7/iTunes podcasts are broken
3:15:30San Francisco Mission District “Calle Veinticuatro Latino Cultural District” (CotD)