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61 One Big Ponzi Scheme (2008-12-13)

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0:00:25Bernie Madoff $50bn Ponzi scheme, JCD: “this is kind of like people discovering that Mother Theresa was a hooker”, JCD theory: taking fall to protect sons
0:06:42New handyman at “Curry Terrace” house, Financial Times: coldest start to winter in UK, coldest days in Washington; next round of EU financial and environmental regulation, carbon credit exchanges popping up everywhere; 600 scientists getting ready to sue Al Gore, Business and Media Institute: 20% of news stories mention alternative view; EU 20% CO2 reduction, Obama and McCain all-in
0:16:24Financial Times piece by Gideon Rachman on world government, follow-up blog post on “end of days crowd” reactions, business plan: “I will claim to be a former member of the Bilderberg/Illuminati/Council on Foreign Relations/UN/Zionist establishment and write a book revealing the inside story of a plot to form a world government”; Time Magazine “Obama’s New World Order”
0:19:30New Slingbox setup from listener, JCD unable to get local programming from Seattle, ACC’s forthcoming new bandwidth, recorded “unlimited” claim; ACC’s car grabbed by claw machine after 20 minutes overdue, ticket for double-parked moving truck, local wine shop and Italian grocery; listeners asking for video, JCD on eye-rolling exercise
0:31:59AMEE start-up recording energy consumption; No Agenda T-shirt plug
0:34:18Pew Research: girls taking over internet; kids swapping nude photos via text messages, JCD’s Nokia E71 with FM radio, ACC on headphone cord antenna; JCD in-studio timing with Leo, trying loose Countryman microphone, ACC: “we could use gaffer tape on your head”, ACC’s lav microphone setup, JCD on notch filter, JCD’s recommended minimalist studio setup with mannequin and fishing pole, JCD’s “hookers” proposal in programming meetings
0:48:57Coldest in London since 1976, flooding; getting rid of the car, CVC’s garage apartment
0:50:52Defense Secretary Robert Gates warns against “testing” new administration
0:53:53More Slingbox logistics, JCD on monitoring bandwidth use
0:57:20Rod Blagojevich and Obama potentially cut from the same cloth; Mevio Obama supporter with front-row seat at inauguration; JCD predicts high ratings in six months
1:03:20JCD’s linguiça from Portugal, hometown Newark CA haven for Portuguese expats, last maker killed two health department workers, Taylor’s in Oregon, JCD on spices used to preserve foods; old European recipes doomed to EU interference
1:13:48Honda out of Formula One due to massive cost, drivers called “pilots”, ACC on driving Indy car; UK automakers begging for bailouts, Treasury not interested in Detroit, JCD on banks giving orders of magnitude more money to Congress compared to automakers
1:19:14Daily Mail headline: EU to bribe Irish voters in Lisbon Treaty do-over, JCD on gas station owner running for local office over and over, ACC prediction: EU president Mirek Topolánek killed, “dead Czech”, Georgia admits to starting conflict; ACC & JCD using Detroit Slingbox
1:28:47JCD headed to Washington after next show, Aric’s fiber and 1 Watt directional Wi-Fi; bogus Virgin Media 1.7 seconds to download MP3 measurement
1:31:31Goldman predicts $30 oil, “awkward U-turn”; Charles Ponzi’s $10M scheme, multilevel marketing as Ponzi scheme, pyramid schemes; JCD in same house for 15 years, hoping to escape to Washington; UK lowers VAT and jacks up liquor tax, ACC’s local pubs, Adnan’s Ale
1:40:15University of Colorado professor on understanding exponential growth and population