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619 Droves of Jihadis (2014-05-22)

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0:00:00JCD: (falsetto) “When we’re in trouble I expect help from the chatroom.”
0:00:33JCD in Ypsilanti, MI on Merit Network fiber, meetup at Rusty Bucket in Plymouth; University of Michigan professor J. Halderman’s censorship resistance, encrypted proxiless protocol for redirecting traffic, RT hard to get in Japan
0:07:36JCD on Detroit desolation: “turns out buying this stuff for a buck is easier said than done”, Little Caesar’s family owns most of downtown and the Tigers; square-mile Packard factory closed 1958, JCD: “she [Ms. Micky] would go crazy taking pictures”
0:15:52ACC’s Tokyo Robot Restaurant experience: “pretty tall girl want to fight robot?”
0:19:05JCD on concurrent law enforcement show: SOBERLINK SL2 sobriety monitor for “clients”
0:22:56Self-driving cars vs police and municipal revenue, Google car’s 700k miles without a violation
0:24:41Glasshole in schoolgirl-packed Takashita Street, later at Robot Restaurant; Google maps north-south inversion; Line is the new cool kids’ app; ACC illicit QSO in park with Elecraft KX-3, police upset over sitting on ledge; Japanese zombie walk, insane working hours; Kantō GE 60 Hz vs Kansai AEG 50 Hz; 2020 Olympics will bankrupt the country
0:39:24Hayward shopping mall exercises with FBI, SWAT, firefighters, “actors & roleplayers”; safe haven in Syria: Comey: “virulent” meme, “droves of jihadis”, “come to Syria to learn new things, build new relations”, “terrorist diaspora”, “do you agree” meme
0:50:40Tsarnaev bombs supposedly Inspire-inspired, no mention of pressure cooker; FBI/NSA skit; United States of Secrecy part 2: Hayden cowboy movie analogy
1:00:02ACC reading Greenwald’s book, Snowden vetted via CIA ID; Gelman 14-hour interview; Intercept: NSA intercepting call phone calls in the Bahamas; Kinsley Greenwald book review
1:05:41Producer e-mail on changed mind re warming and net neutrality; JCD’s Q&A at conference on remote surgeon with no pushback
1:08:23Producer Segment: ShortFuze rap song on iTunes,
1:18:58Packet inequality: TWiL with Nilay Patel, Berin Szoka: “I’m tired of talking about imaginary problems and imaginary legal authority…”, Patel: “yes, no you’re a great guy, I gotta go”; “Save the Internet” on Freedom of the Press Foundation homepage; fallout from the Comcast/Time Warner deal? startup ISPs required to do freebies for local municipalities before laying fiber; FCC regulation will remove all competition
1:44:20Podcast patent: Dr. Drew “we need to be as vocal as the NRA”
1:53:11Recording went down for 20 minutes
1:55:03Donation Segment: executive producer Scott fired from occult bookstore over No Agenda
2:08:18China/Russia $400bn gas deal in local currency or SDRs; Holder on indictment of Chinese officers for “victim companies”: “we do not provide a competitive advantage to United States companies”, Matt Lee to Psaki: “can you explain how this was not what what seems to be an epic timing disaster?”; possible reaction to United States of Secrecy
2:19:43Russia military dependence on Ukraine parts suppliers, Ukraine may start supplying EU; Madeline Albright among election observers, Albright Stonebridge Group
2:24:55Common Core: Rand Corp, EPJ on no shortage of workers with STEM backgrounds, wage suppression the goal; promotional video pushing charter schools by Walton Family Foundation
2:30:409/11 museum: JCD: “the burning building in a globe, in a snow globe?”; safety hearings: designed to come straight down; Tapper & screechy band camp girl on A&E 911 as wackos
2:45:44Brahimi on Syrian election: “the Syria we have loved and admired for many many years”