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617 Climate Chaos (2014-05-15)

Show 617 album art
0:00:00ACC: “The titles look good enough.”
0:00:40ACC: “the minute we start the show, that’s when the Skype connection falls apart”; ACC in Tokyo; difficulty printing web pages; ACC’s preconceived notions about Japan vs reality, financial energy reporter at Ms. Micky’s show, Japanese pro-war Constitutional change, “women who won’t have sex with war-mongering men”, The Last Yakuza, Japanese schoolgirls and greywater management, safety helmets, watermelon and a pile of salt
0:34:18Pre-departure police state rigamarole, pre-check line twice as long, Pistole on pre-check expansion, “free samples”; FBI video recreating underwear bomb
0:47:10Sheldon Whitehouse on cyber-crime: “those that have been hacked, and those that don’t know that they’ve been hacked”; Michael Chertoff on medical device, automotive hacks, ACC: “the Chinese are gonna be brewing coffee through the internet”
1:00:25Producer Segment: No Agenda BlackBerry Messenger Channel C0023653F
1:14:14Report on Palestinian interrupted by Emergency Alert System
1:16:33BBC forensic specialist on Boko Haram video of abductees with chroma keying and multiple cameras; four girls identified by parents; Global Hawk drone flying; JCD: “it’s another Nigerian scam letter!”; African names: “Cellphone”
1:24:46Ronan Farrow on Pentagon zombie apocalypse plan, “Tunisia or Nigeria Scenarios”; MSNBC advertising targeting constipation sufferers; Chris Matthews cheerleading for Hillary, Karl Rove brain damage assertion
1:38:32Eleanor Clift & Bill Mahr sticking to Innocence of Muslims Benghazi story
1:45:28French Foreign Minister sticking to Assad gas attacks story
1:48:43500 days to avoid “climate chaos”, KTVU on National Climate Assessment: “temperatures could rise by as much as 10 to 2100 degree”, JCD: “just above the boiling point of aluminum”; West Antarctic ice sheet “unstoppable” melting, “between 200 and 500 years from now”; climate change questions to Rubio at speech on retirement
1:58:17“Open internet” the replacement for “net neutrality”, “hellooo internet” video, “rules which govern how it works”, FCC on “lawful content”, “brighter bulbs monthly subscription”; Comcast CEO Q&A prediction: “usage-based billing model”; good for Netflix, bad for Cachefly; TWiT not talking about podcast patent
2:43:18Donation Segment
2:42:12JCD on people stopping listening becoming complacent; Sir Mark and Dame Astrid “no slouches”, do not watch news
2:57:59Killer robot meme in the news, new X-Men and Transformers films; lame Japanese Transformers pre-roll
2:59:32Guess the Movie: Pecker; Taxi Driver and Men in Black III on Japan flight
3:03:01Michael Hayden: “we kill people with metadata”; Greenwald on CNN call-in show, World Trade Center 7 question
3:06:10Conchita Wurst: “you know who you are, we are unity and we are unstoppable”; professional jury vote in addition to phone-in & SMS
3:07:35New UK rules allowing tax money to be taken from bank accounts
3:08:55Next show teasers: Stephen Cohen and John Miller; 50-50 party at Tokyo SuperDeluxe, clubs & pole dancers
3:13:22Outro clip: Al Sharpton mispronunciation remix