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616 Jihadi Disneyland (2014-05-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Broke the speed limit, broke the speed limit, broke the speed limit!” (2:06:40)
0:00:33ACC headed to Japan tomorrow; podcast kit with Universal Audio box fits in a small bag
0:06:49JCD’s slobbered f’s, stammer; dinner with the Republo-bots
0:11:11Obama San Jose high-tech fundraiser, Buzzkill Jr’s boss at pre-event, Secret Service required drinks left on table, Obama hustled away when talk turned to politics
0:16:12Wurst’s Rise Like a Phoenix in Eurovision Song Contest, tolerance reeducation camps
0:23:09Jarl Mohn eighth NPR president in eight years, top-40 DJ identity Lee Masters, hired ACC at MTV (CotD); KPCC “no rant no slant”, “help wildly increase NPR’s revenues”; Buzzfeed, Salon “listicles” and slide shows the future of news; Mike Elgan on Google+ not going anywhere; “dwarf tumblr”; ACC: “five out of six gun holders agree Russian roulette is not dangerous”
0:40:48National Women’s Health Week, National Small Business Week, Peace Officers’ Memorial Day & Police Week, Texas police shooting of 93-year-old woman, National Defense Transportation Day & Week, JCD on disappointing National Train Day, Mother’s Day Presidential proclamation, JCD: “all mothers are Jewish mothers”
0:50:52Producer Segment: Authorized Drone Strike Zone; ANSRVR, Youtube numbers stations
1:10:55Letterman Mother’s Day troop call-ins, JCD: “we have troops in Doha, Qatar?”
1:12:46Brolf prodding Mike Rogers: “to go in there with drones and just kill these people, is that what you’re saying?”; Rogers: “jihadi Disneyland”; Homs & Aleppo pipeline going nowhere
1:20:20General Carter Ham on Nigerian “specialists”: “financial tools and access to banking records”; how many girls were kidnapped? Producer Trevor: “bare-ass rock”, 2004 oil discovery; Gay Crusader: anti-gay laws worse than Uganda’s; Hollande & Michelle Obama politicizing the situation; ACC: “what is the FBI doing in Nigeria?”; Chinese $13.1bn East African railway
1:37:50“Write your congressman” days are over, hashtag activism
1:38:51Mike Rogers on Nigerian corruption, ACC: “hello regime change!”, “international problem”; World Eco¬≠nomic Forum on Africa in Nigeria; Goodluck Jonathan incomprehensible
1:42:27Syrian Opposition Council granted enhanced diplomatic status, “President Jarba”
1:47:33Chinese partnering with Russia on Nicaragua Canal; postage stamp with erupting volcano; Elementary on assassination of Chinese Premier, From Russia with Love “in the morning”
1:52:10Donation Segment
2:05:41EU vehicle tracking devices mandated, JCD Red Book: “you’re going to go in for your smog check, and you’re going to walk out with about ten tickets for speeding”
2:08:48Kelp Watch shows no signs of Fukushima radionuclides on California coast
2:10:28Coldest year on record,, “sea level is for sissies”
2:19:18Pew Research 27% Ukrainian separatist figure, “illegal” poll with $2000 budget, 400 Academi (Blackwater) troops on the ground; Haiku Herman headed to Kiev; billion dollar loan to hire Academi; Nuland grilled on Svoboda Party
2:35:56Democrary Now pro-marijuana piece; positioned as something you can’t grow on your own; disappearance of seeds
2:43:46CIA rendition network, Red Book: “people drone”; CNN produced 3D package on Florida drone near-collision: “just imagine a drone getting sucked up into one of the plane’s engines”
2:51:57TWiT prep on packet inequality, FCC website throttled to 28.8; Snapchat settlement; Amazon will be the last web company standing; Apple Beats rumor, Pandora still losing money, “buy more trucks”