Call Clooney!

615 Gravity Bomb! (2014-05-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “A4 paper is ugly.” (2:11:27)
0:00:39ACC’s cart machine
0:02:31Monica Lewinsky, an Elizabeth Warren development? Al Sharpton mispronunciation medley
0:07:45Boko Haram Gamboru Ngala attack, 300 dead; other schools closed, girls in for test; changing story on recovery; Obama: “worst local or regional terrorist organizations out there”, interdisciplinary US team: military, law enforcement, “other areas”; NNPC oil discovery in Lake Chad Basin, Chevron & Shell, $49.6bn discrepancy; Boko Haram not terrorists under Hillary, “the Tourette’s terrorist”; Goodluck Jonathan’s wardrobe; NNPC Imelda Marcos chairman
0:23:34NDAA amendments: indefinite detention still in, “near-term counterelectronics capability”, “high-energy laser mobile demonstrator”, “cyber-situational awareness tools”, JCD called Lamborn’s office on the meaning of en-bloc, “B-61 gravity bombs”, ACC: “as opposed to the bombs that fall upwards?”; “executive agent for cyber testing and training ranges”, cloud computing; directed energy weapons
0:44:24No drones for the press; major Western US airport flight systems shutdown due to “glitch” detecting U2 spy plane; millimeter wave weapons
0:52:19JCD story on idiot Tesla driver blocking him; Tesla white-knuckle syndrome
0:54:40Producer Segment: Red Cross call for anthrax-vaccinated blood
1:17:25National Climate Assessment: John Holdren “climate disruption” video, Janet Yellen on cold weather’s economic impact, NCA debunked by Cato Institute, US Global Change Research Program from 1990, 20 years and it’s too late; USA Today on CO2 contributing to allergies, EPA’s Gina McCarthy, asthma, ozone meme; Harry Reid: “disastrous, disastrous climate changes”, ACC: “drone the Koch brothers!”; John Coleman to speak at Heartland Institute conference in Las Vegas; Jehovah’s Witnesses at ACC’s door handing out anti-GMO info; Antarctica Wilkes Basin ice discharge as State of Fear scenario
1:47:17Net neutrality = packet equality; Al Franken and, cannot block legal content; “brand safe content”, Tumblr gif porn; general infinite bandwidth misconception
1:53:58Podcast patent lawsuit revisited: iTunes has already paid up, owner is not a troll, “it’s gonna destroy the fabric of America”, EFF fearmongering
2:04:47Donation Segment: ACC’s OS X Mavericks experience
2:26:30Common Core: “Belinda Milli-Gates Foundation”, Pearson NDA on New York tests, product placement, Staples “adheres to Common Core” merchandise; Holocaust debate homework, “Anne Frank is a fraud” (CotD); Indiana blackmailed by Department of Education to stay in
2:35:02California anti-bullying law: misdemeanor on third offense, “alarm, annoy, torment or terrorize”; antidepressants the real problem
2:45:41Obama Merkel meeting, relations still strained; Stephen Cohen on Putin’s call for delay in referendum, Merkel’s proposed roundtable; Psaki: “I hope he enjoys his visit to Ukraine”, Kerry & Psaki: “bogus independence referendum”, Matt Lee questions “no civilized nation”
2:55:33Eurovision Song Contest: Putin’s voting camps
3:00:30Yatsenyuk: “we are fighting with an invisible Russian agents”; British $19bn in Russian loans, Kissinger & Charlie Rose in 2009 on “New World Order” from fear of Russia; Yellen on deficit unsustainability, markets up
3:11:05Justin Rosenstein TechCrunch buzzword orgy: “consciously moving the world in the direction of our dreams”