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614 Fruity Drinks! (2014-05-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Kinda gruesome, yeah.” (0:54:34)
0:00:40ACC still sick in bed taking quercetin twice an hour; MERS virus comes to US; ACC: why require vaccination for school if all the other students are immune?
0:08:24German study finds stress contagious; youth anxiety on the rise due to climate change stories; Ms. Micky’s niece visiting; hipster burlesque boom
0:14:47Six-Week Cycle: Waseca MN school plot, Shelton WA FBI setup, or not yet?
0:17:51World Press Freedom Day, National Charter Schools Week, May 1 National Law Day, Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, May 1 Loyalty Day, May 2 National Day of Prayer, National Mental Health Awareness Month
0:24:37White House Correspondents’ Dinner, next year ACC & JCD want to do MST3K-style live commentary; “a lot of fruit-flavored drinks”; large numbers of celebrities since Obama took office; NY Times pullout, JCD: “the New York Times is just cheap”
0:40:35Biden Corvette video; President started attending in 1981 with Reagan; Google Netflix Bash; Obama: “it’ll be harder to convince the American people was born in Kenya”
0:53:10Producer Segment
1:02:20On the virtues of Quercetin, JCD: “you have to take your corset off?”
1:06:01Obama podcast: jobs #1 priority
1:07:29Euroland elections coming up, a lot of euro skeptics running, media smear campaigns, ACC: “incumbent Eurocrats”; Geert Wilders on national sovereignty collapse
1:16:15McLaughlin package on China-Germany “special relationship”: “Angela über Alles”; Red Book: Chinese Mercedes S-Class clone
1:26:58Obama: “for the German audience who perhaps is tuning into Russian TV…”; Bild on thousands of CIA & FBI “advisors” in Kiev; Sir Tony Brenton on economic price to Russia of a shooting war with Ukraine, OSCE everywhere
1:35:28Geneva Agreement — all four paragraphs, ACC: “I have to agree to more when I use an Apple product”; IMF to change agreement if Ukraine loses East, Lagarde’s “economic outlook changing”; pipeline and train routes: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Germany
1:45:28Eastern Syria and Western Iraq, al-Nusra vs ISIL
1:47:30Global Entry date format used in China; whole show running on one MacBook Air, crappy Remote Desktop causing problems
1:49:42Donation Segment: green building certification for architects; backyard chickens
2:05:54Chase bank cutting off the porn stars under Holder’s Operation Choke Point; group of investors buying Mt. Gox, $200k wallet found
2:14:42War on men: listener on “male privilege”, “thank you for your privilege”
2:16:58Greenwald & Ohanian vs Hayden & Dershowitz on Munk Debates, “collect it all”, Dershowitz: “that’s Google, not NSA”; Hayden on Obama weakness with Syrian red line
2:28:23McLaughlin package on isolationism; Putin hates gays meme dropped post-Olympics
2:32:46Pelosi: “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi”, possible Warren move vs Hillary; Tommy Victor: “dude, this was like two years ago”; Issa on FOIA-revealed hidden e-mail, Kerry subpoenaed; Ralph Peters on Obama: “outright coward”
2:42:32Joe O’Biden to MPAA: “Angela Merkel looked at me like what in the Hell is he talking about?”, ACC: “don’t infringe on my movie! that’s nasty, get a tissue!”, “global economic order”
2:48:33Net neutrality: packet equality by deep packet inspection