Call Clooney!

613 Carbon Overload! (2014-05-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “Big Bang Theory, are you kidding? Who cares?” (1:18:01)
0:00:33ACC sick in bed from the face-spitters, new cutting-edge podcast setup
0:07:18Clooney innuendo on Letterman; Amal Alamuddin is Yulia Tymoshenko’s lawyer; we dropped the ball on getting Syria off Iran-Iraq pipeline and onto the one in Qatar
0:16:37Putin playing chess, Obama playing checkers; Kerry at Atlantic Council still on bearded guy meme, “we cannot continue to allow allied defense budgets to shrink”, 2% of GDP, “carbon overload”; IMF $17bn for Ukraine; Mastercard and Visa out of Russia; Russia rail and pipelines to and through China; Kerry: NATO territory “inviolable”
0:37:04Clarke, Inglis & Panetta “High Stakes in Cyber-Security” speech, McAfee virus marketing, “you have been hacked”, ACC: “right now, if I’m a CEO I’m pooping in my pants”
0:48:27Producer Segment: neti pot = nose enema
0:55:23Allergy remedies: honey and hookworms
0:57:34National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, Jewish-American Heritage Month, National Foster Care Month, National Building Safety Month, Older Americans Month
1:01:40War on pot: Bill O’Reilly on kids selling dope
1:03:38Donald Sterling: edited by TMZ, Kerry on Israel apartheid, Sterling on Israeli racism
1:14:59Barbara Boxer: “today Fifty Cent is a singing group, right?”
1:15:40China’s ban on Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, NCIS, The Practice
1:18:42Cop going 53 in a 35 zone kills pedestrian, no criminal charges
1:20:06Markey & Jeffries Hate Crime Reporting Act calls for report, Hate Crime Statistics Act; strange Toyota lesbian advertisement; EPA’s Gina McCarthy video for Hip Hop Caucus
1:29:03London underground strike
1:31:23Rats are the new bedbugs
1:34:07Twitter’s nonexistent business model; USAID $1bn Global Development Lab; Netanyahu: “you are all slaves”; Urban Post-Disaster Housing Prototype
1:40:26MH370 update: Boeing 777 fly-by-wire classified patents, Sarah Bajc slipping up: “leverage of assets”, “confirm or deny”
1:44:20Donation Segment: Club 33’s scene of complete destruction (CotD)
1:58:29Net neutrality discussion on TWiT, Leo now all-in on metering; Fight for the Future, leads back to the Proteus Fund; Tim Wu original net neutrality document advocating metering; Michael Powell on why the internet should not be a public utility; Google fiber everywhere
2:16:33Common Core: Louis C.K. tweet; @usteacherfaye propaganda, leads back to ACT; Gates Foundation headquarters plaque with vaccine vial tops; JCD: “I think the wheels are coming off the Common Core train”
2:20:29Frontline “cradle to prison” show on prison system, is the Gates foundation funding halfway houses? Chains of propagandizing nonprofits springing up everywhere, inBloom will reappear rebranded
2:25:54Shelter in place the new duck and cover; Truman’s security state; document tracing history of rights infringement, 90% post-1947; ACC 3-hour nightmare trying to set Ms. Micky up with Global Entry