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612 Cradle to Career! (2014-04-27)

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0:00:00ACC: “Acclaimed internet pioneer!”
0:00:31“Two fists away”, The King’s Speech, measuring distance to giant ribbon mike
0:01:22Pecan in the allergy mix, Women & Their Work nonprofit auction, real estate going down
0:05:29Dutch Queen’s Day now King’s Day, Dutch ambassador to Finland: war in next couple weeks
0:07:38Rahm Emmanuel e-mail scandal
0:08:30Ukraine Prime Minister on Russia trying to start World War III, similarity to Bosnia; Kerry: “propaganda bullhorn”; RT on Wichita Falls: “so get ready, Americans — poopy water!”
0:17:52Kerry: “…that the CIA invented the internet in order to control the world”, “and the truth is there in social media…”; Kerry Export-Import Bank standing-O; Psaki: Lavrov’s “ludicrous” claims
0:31:24New Silk Road, brought to you by Siemens, “sectoral sanctions”; Standard & Poor’s Russia downgrade; Germans in the streets; Russian investment in Algeria, talks to run South Stream pipeline through Turkey
0:42:39North Korea wants to test a bomb, Iranian observers; $6t worth of rare earths in North Korea
0:45:04Finland/Russia bad blood
0:49:06AOL “digital prophet” Shingy at Next Web, “awesome”, “fabulous” sentence endings, “we’re going to the age of interest or context”, “pictures that explode”; Apple insider: “ghost ship” post-Jobs; locals shooting at Gates house during construction; Gates Foundation protests
0:59:24Producer Segment
1:08:21UN’s World Intellectual Property Day, Workers’ Memorial Day on the 28th
1:10:32Radical feminists on Hillary, Elizabeth Warren; Globe magazine on “dying Bill”
1:15:53Clooney gay innuendo medley from Fox
1:19:51War on men: underrepresentation of women in media, STEM, JCD: “we need to put more women in prison, she’s right”; gender gap in children’s allowances
1:25:33Common Core: listener on “Cheers for Queers Wednesday”; women’s vs men’s restrooms; New Tech Network promo video, “project based learning”, subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks, founder makes $500k per year, “student lending business conversion”, Strive Network “cradle to career initiative”; David Brooks: “all the schools I’m affiliated with”; KnowledgeWorks vast network of nonprofits; producer Andrew follow-up on barcoded scrap paper; inBloom closing down; New York baby school for $30k per year
1:52:33State Department’s Free the Press event, JCD: “where are they going to hold that, Mexico City?”, Psaki to Matt Lee on American journalists being harassed: “uh, we don’t; I don’t have anything more to say on that case” (CotD)
1:57:22Donation Segment: Reflective Air Podcast
2:10:09Tokyo party: HotPockets Wasabi tour; JCD in Ann Arbor through May 19-22
2:12:12Droning rationalization memo to be released; spokeshole Gibbs grilled on al-Awlaki’s son; ACLU multi-culty interviewee; douchebag Holder on rationale; “imminent” doesn’t require evidence of a plot; Brolf to Tony Blair: “so are you fearful of another 9/11?”
2:27:34Set-ups for Six-Week Cycle; Mark Shields and David Brooks on NRA decentralization, 6-week events increases gun ownership
2:35:53TWiT rehearsal: Cenk Uygur on net neutrality, JCD: “this is about Netflix”, problem is not enough competition in bandwidth providers; “no legal content may be blocked”, Spanish @HumorrNegro investigation, Anonymous using Airchat