Call Clooney!

611 Let’s Get Social! (2014-04-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ooh, I won a Pulitzer Prize! I’m all wet!” (1:28:09)
0:00:34JCD’s new mike; ACC needs better road rig
0:04:27ACC adventures with the TSA: Dutch-speaking Mexican customs guy, Cancun Int’l airport security: “please keep your shoes on” signage, no slave scanner; compare and contrast Houston: “as of right now you have nothing”, lewd comments in Spanish; transition from State to Homeland Security; militaristic police recruitment videos, ACC: “vote everybody out!”
0:19:04John O. Brennan replacement Lisa Monaco on watching kids for radicalization: “we’ve crunched the data”, “we’ve looked at this very hard”, “comprehensive prevention model”
0:27:44TSA Pre✓ extended to all military and DoD/Coast Guard civilians; JCD on deliberate line slowdown to sign more people up; ACC to buy epaulets and salute everyone; red X on boarding pass allowing shoes through magnetometer; uniforms turn people into assholes
0:35:06New York’s #MyNYPD debacle; RFPs for “viral videos”
0:39:262014 Social Media Marketing World atrocious Let’s Get Social song; Jill Duffey on TWiT asking about Coachella
0:46:35Cliven Bundy Alex Jones warmongering, ACC: “try not paying your taxes”; yet another bill in Congress to privatize income tax collection; JCD’s call from IRS for a John Dvorak in Kansas City, John Dvoraks, Adam Currys around the country
0:55:06Producer Segment: ACC’s Oreo pic, illegal QSOs in Mexico;; year-old clip of Taco Bell native advertising on ABC News, “dishes as daring as they are delectable”
1:25:11Greenwald’s Pulitzer and book, ACC: “did your source want you to write a book and keep some of that for yourself, Grenn?”; nothing new on The Intercept, ACC: “payroll isn’t going through”; Snowden’s Guardian op-ed on Putin call, Putin a CIA agent?
1:39:58NATO and Russian military exercises, attack on one attack on all meme, Mike Rogers: “we’re not dealing with somebody who has the same rational thought process”; surrender of Ukrainian military vehicles; Kerry no mention of Crimea, reaction to Jewish identification hoax
1:58:17Matt Lee ambushes Jen Psaki on Donetsk bearded guy photos, ACC: “it’s been on Twitter, Matt!”; Douglas Herbert on Sloviansk, American mercenaries; Steve Cohen on Ukrainian civil war, Obama “containment” policy
2:16:58Obama in Asia: “Asian Crimea” meme; military base agreement with Philippines; Red Book: Malaysian regime change
2:22:25Red Book: Elizabeth Warren for President; Abacus Bank indictments, “a small bank wedged between two noodle shops”; Warren on student loans, to Mika: “I’m not running for President”
2:39:33Donation Segment: $54.20 = stonation; Kilbride No Agenda — Saving America novel
3:00:47Pearson Charitable Foundation to pay $7.7m settlement; English test product placement; barcoded Pearson scrap paper
3:07:20Wyclef Jean Haiti charity ended; USAID housing: a quarter the housing at twice the cost
3:09:18Chlorine gas in Syria; Portland pee
3:12:12IRS bonuses for employees behind on taxes
3:14:27FCC to “ruin net neutrality”; “fast lane”, “toll booth”; citizens broadband radio service
3:32:11“and poppy cultivation was allowed right up to the fence” in Afghanistan
3:33:01Chicken pox party recap
3:33:2855 droned in Yemen
3:34:34Zohydro native advertising skit; Arnold Schwarzenegger Years of Living Dangerously skit