Call Clooney!

610 Clip Show III! (2014-04-17)

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0:00:00Mooo! ACC: “Ughhh” Vwing!
0:00:34Intro, thanks to Ramsey Cain
0:02:40E. coli outbreak at Cleveland County Fair; printing Agenda 21 a good way to burn up toner cartridges
0:05:33JCD working on a clip show; Ms. Micky’s Bobbi Eden shoot
0:07:42Syria: charge cell phone with batteries in a glass of water, JCD: “the guy on PBS is an idiot!”
0:10:55Obama won 2004 Senatorial race after release of opponent Jack Ryan’s scandalous divorce records
0:14:00Climate change forcing women into prostitution, HIV risk; acid rain hoax, JCD: “if you think there’s a problem you cap, you don’t trade”
0:19:28Dinner with the O-bots: Double Dip Recession Slave Stew
0:25:09Mass media marketing films like Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard Butler: “we have a very powerful marketing department”, Rodman in North Korea working for Vice magazine, owned by Viacom
0:34:07Rep. Diana DeGette on banning “magazine clips”: “the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available”
0:35:58$378bn in drug money laundered through Wachovia
0:39:38Two affidavits in on the DHS Suzanne Barr sexual harassment suit
0:43:00Lesbian bed death, JCD: “as long as one of the two partners is all cranked up on AndroGel things are great”
0:47:48Hillary congratulates EU on how “unified and peaceful” it is; firebombs in Athens
0:50:32Obama: “when it comes to national security, I mean what I say”
0:52:05Chuck Hagel’s bizarre squeaking sound
0:53:33Wacky The View opening for Israeli ambassador; Win Lose or Drone
0:55:10Airbnb and Über: reputation-based markets; VHS won because of recording length, not porn
1:00:22Intelligence agencies planting propaganda in overseas media
1:02:35Gwen Ifill on Todd Akin: omits that Claire McCaskill is running against him
1:08:22Mac & Cheese Hot Pockets; Bilderburg protest zoo and BBC rant courtesy of Alex Jones; Matthew Lesko question mark suit
1:13:52South American countries weigh in on CIA; Bolivian President’s “forced landing” to Austria, standard pilot strategies for making unscheduled landings: fuel system or sick passenger
1:21:52JCD on winning top prize, people’s choice at COMDEX chili cook-off, ACC: “you called a modeling agency?”
1:28:42Iceland referendum: no to austerity measures; Gordon Brown calling Iceland terrorist state; puffin choking, JCD: “go choke the puffin on your own time”
1:33:04JCD on factory work: receiving clerk or inspector, high productivity via amphetamines
1:35:37Riots in Northern France; American system virtually prevents unrest
1:38:48Performatives: “let me say this about that”; Obama use of pronouns 100% female
1:46:08Twitter bot @JamesMTitus from Web Ecology Project experiment
1:48:55Andy Kunz promoting high-speed rail: “we have to build it”, nailed by Varney
2:00:27Angela Merkel’s butt; 5000 Australians to testify on child sexual abuse cases; S.E. Cupp interview on millennial mindset