Call Clooney!

60 We’re Celebrities Get Us Out of Here! (2008-12-06)

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0:00:40Queen of England’s governor general suspends Canadian Parliament to save Harper’s butt, socialism vs unions, satirical puppet show Spitting Image, PBS documenting Smothers Brothers censorship, This Hour Has 22 Minutes; Leno Jaywalking segment with uneducated Americans; ACC on passport-less British, JCD on Port Angeles residents never visiting Victoria
0:13:01Surrey police shoot and kill guy for appearing to have gun, airport “BFG” toting goons in Europe; outrage over Damian Green arrest; ACC comments on Martina Navratilova & George Takei on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here; BBC The Ascent of Money on French central banker Jean Law and French Revolution, JCD on East India Company demise on cycle; oil at $40, JCD out of short ETN, Goldman Sachs investments opposite of their recommendations, Merrill Lynch pushing Stirling Homex ahead of bankruptcy, JCD: “meanwhile, Martha Stewart goes to jail”, Mark Cuban Loose Change, $8.4T
0:27:49Gordon Brown £1bn homeowner bailout proposal, “Lisbon principles”, Jim Cramer predicts Obama boom, ACC on US VAT, predicts new reserve currency, JCD: “we’re at the bottom”, JCD on unsold new developments beginning to deteriorate
0:36:49JCD recommends Pakistani basmati rice, boiling technique vs Uncle Ben’s, risotto pitfalls
0:43:50Obama birth certificate question taken up by Supreme Court; Richard Gates’ work for Brzezinski in 1970s; ACC calls Dow 6000, Detroit bailout, private jets for security reasons, JCD story: on plane with Jimmy Carter introducing himself to everyone to prevent people bugging him; Sarah Ferguson off the radar; Amy Winehouse headline: “still hospitalized as hubby sent back to jail”, ACC: “this is the definition of a bad day”
0:52:21Irish Lisbon Treaty do-over, new Czech president rotated in, JCD: “well I know it’s going to be responsible for World War III”; Muslims in government, bankrupt Vallejo CA, McCain the sell-out
0:58:55Christmas spirit, positive Black Friday numbers, “body count”, Walmart employees with locked arms, JCD on company liability for sleeping two to a room
1:04:35Climate change march on Westminster, Jesse Jackson corporate extortion racket; Queen’s speech: more CCTV, strip clubs “places of sexual encounter”; JCD “boiler room” call, ACC impersonating answering machine, JCD on getting callers off script, call from seller of obscure wines, last-ditch insults
1:14:46ACC recommends It’s a Wonderful Life; No Agenda T-shirts with logo