Call Clooney!

609 Johnson’s Johnson, Jump! (2014-04-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “Whatever the police tell you to do, news organization, do it!” (1:42:15)
0:00:38JCD in Pacific Northwest, can’t find his dinger
0:03:00Cold War version 2.0: Putin podcast with Snowden: “we are going to talk one professional language”; Arctic drilling corporate partnerships; Jen Psaki on “fact/fiction document”; Jay Carney on Brennan in Ukraine
0:19:21Jenny McCarthy announcing engagement on The View
0:20:58Zbigniew Brzezinski on Morning Joe, “you can’t win a military conflict by throwing pancakes at somebody”; Ukraine breadbasket, Donetsk coalbasket; Samantha Power on ruble at all-time low, stock market down 20%
0:28:09Tom Friedman on Zakaria: “we just need Vladimir to do the right thing and turn the gas off”; JCD on embargo-era solar companies folding; Tesla credits, Space-X government money, SolarCity scam; douchey Tesla S drivers; ACC’s Rolls and Grey Poupon
0:38:14Kerry “huddling” with Petraeus and Keane on Syria, Seymour Hersh on Turkey’s interest in US attacking Syria; no press on Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia, Prince Bandar replaced; where’s Wolfowitz in all this?
0:47:21Producer Segment: update on lesbian bed death syndrome; ACC’s Japan invitations
1:14:35Video of AQAP gathering in Yemen, al-Qaeda has gone dark; Lieberman & Harman in subcommittee hearing on al-Qaeda numbers, Syria becoming “most threatening terrorist sanctuary in the world”, “sequel to Afghanistan”; Frederick Kagan on same panel; ACC: “do I chew some qat or do I strap on the vest?”, we need more propaganda
1:31:33Boston marathon rice cooker stunt, “the Boston police have asked us not to show live images”; Biden: “America will never, ever, ever stand down”, “it was worth it”; FBI “missed opportunities”, Flashpoint Global Partners, Inspire magazine, ACC: “I can’t seem to get radicalized”
1:42:29Skull and Bones Tap Day at Yale
1:42:06Johnson loses johnson, JCD: “now jump out the window, jump out the window, you can fly!”
1:44:35Poitras directing Jeffrey Skoll Snowden film; on identical “Snowden uses Tails and Tor” posts, JCD: honeypot
1:55:00War on Weed: NPR psycho mom “when you’re a kid, nope”, “zero-tolerance policy … which involves urine testing at home if we think we need it” (CotD); University of Mississippi the single approved weed producer; Israeli academic research; pot farms causing California drought
2:03:31“…and China, manufacturing the finest in Sesame Street toys, and pledge drive tote bags”
2:04:57Donation Segment: resurrected on; “stonation”
2:18:25Sarah Bajc update: “I do still believe the plane was taken”, “the flight rebooted itself”, Burnett: “something stinks”, CNN still way up
2:24:28Matt Taibbi on HSBC money laundering: bonus deferments, no jail; “obstructing pedestrian traffic” for standing in front of your house at 1:00 am; Gawker’s John Cook to be Greenwald editor, “steady stream of shit-kicking stories”
2:34:50JCD’s non-appearance on TWiT; Heartbleed logo done by Codenomicon, greatly resembling Danger Mouse image; Canadian arrest in “untraceable” Heartbleed exploit
2:38:10The “anti-vaxxers”; “cyber chicken pox party”; vaccine effectiveness: JCD: “both doses??”; intelligence correlated with credulity; NYT “Parental Involvement is Overrated”; $350k for CEO, “mission-driven organization”
3:07:21JCD alerts the affiliates; Café Impact “social entrepreneurship”