Call Clooney!

608 Cli-Fi® (2014-04-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “You can eat the walls!” (1:19:12)
0:00:31Tax time; ACC allergy update, Sir Jean at 50th birthday party
0:02:41Sina Weibo selfies
0:08:23JCD’s e-mail from British producer: “if it came on Friday I’d have my wallet in hand”
0:10:09New DSM entry: sluggish cognitive tempo disorder, JCD: “kid’s daydreaming, he’s thinking about a better future? drug him!”, Strattera
0:18:17The hams weigh in on the pinger’s frequency agility; Richard Quest’s meth, dildo, and rope; ±1 KHz in the DK-120 spec; acoustical pings; new rule requiring 90 day life, ACC: “this is not a Heathkit”
0:26:16Welcome to the USA, Mr. Greenwald; inevitable lucrative speaking tour
0:29:31Mike Riley on NSA knowing about Heartbleed, NSA claims bias toward publicizing zero-day exploits; Google and Codenomicon, Howard Schmidt former Presidential coordinator, Dutch $15K reward to Neel Mehta, donated to Freedom of the Press Foundation; Greenwald back in the country to get his profile back up
0:53:13Can’t say the word “Tsarnaev” on Meet the Press; Dennis Simmons sudden death
0:57:12Producer Segment
1:05:00Cody Wilson “transpiring threshold of indeterminacy” torture clip
1:11:59“Clean energy economy”, “smarter infrastructure”, JCD: “roof food! I want roof food!”, Our Year of Extremes: “is it your sense that people will have time to get out of the way?”, New Meme Alert: Cli-Fi genre, “dystopian present”
1:30:08Guess the Movie: Ghostbusters for JCD, Death Wish III
1:32:26Japan turning the nukes back on; death row inmate release after 48 years, 95% conviction rate
1:36:51Hillary’s shoe incident; producer on Carl Rove not thinking she will run, possible brain injury; Ted Cruz on Iranian diplomat’s visa denial, Saudi appeasement
1:49:05Bundy BLM standoff, Harry Reid solar deal; Reid “Koch Brothers” compilation
1:54:12Donation Segment: $69.69 discontinued
2:07:37G20 finance ministers meeting, Charlie Rose one-on-one with Christine “Old Leatherhead” Lagarde; Charlie’s apparently a lawyer, inflation as inducement to spend
2:20:23Haiti good news: Hilton Worldwide mid-price hotel in Port-au-Prince
2:22:28FBI seizure of 81-year-old Indiana man’s museum; Crocs & socks
2:28:43The Doctors on Coachella; matching the drug to the music, JCD: “don’t have sex on ecstasy, that’s the rule”
2:33:13A Portrait of Putin, “an incredibly conspiratorial view of the world”, “greatest tragedy” meme, actual quote: “the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century”; Masha Gessen book on Putin, ran Radio Liberty, upcoming book on Tsarnaev brothers, “I think he’s your run-of-the-mill mediocre dictator”, JCD: “hold on a second, everything she said there, Obama’s done”
2:44:0412,000 UN troops to CAR, Muslim population dropped from 15% to 2%
2:47:00Shadow Puppet Theater: Sebelius “I’m in” (CotD), “their stories are so heartening, about finally feeling secure and knowing they can take care of themselves and their families. Unfortunately, a page is missing”; new member of the revolving door club: Sylvia Burwell; Michael Taylor, ACC: “the United States Department of Agriculture, run by a Monsanto lobbyist”
2:54:37Nine-month-old charged with crime