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607 Big Sandy (2014-04-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “I got a weapon right here!” (2:13:23)
0:01:28ACC: “congratulations, we made it into space”, Alex Zoghlin “Crackpot & Buzzkill” rocket
0:04:02Kerry: “…use 21st century tools to hold Russia accountable for 19th century behavior”; Blackwater in eastern Ukraine; picture of Reagan in Red Square with Putin look-alike, same picture used in 2009 after Georgia; Putin booed in 2011 at wrestling match; Russia didn’t share all Tsarnaev details; NASA on returning launches to American soil on the heels of budget proposal
0:16:39Producer mail: EPA negotiator on TTIP
0:18:09Dinner with Healthy Surprise Joe and Shannon; douchey hipster facial hair thanks to women; Shannon’s paleo business, Joe’s new “weed cake” outfit
0:24:32National Equal Pay Day, based on 77 cents to each male dollar; CBS on White House gender pay gap; National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, Prepare-a-thon
0:29:49Women who testified against Common Core: scripted math curriculum in kindergarten, ACC: “I think they’re teaching kids to run with scissors in kindergarten”; kids belonging to communities; “I want a little more broad with that idea”, “the new common core”, “knowing facts is not necessarily going to get you anywhere in life”; “critical thinking” meme, war on religion
0:39:07Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley douchebag show
0:44:35Investors deliberately killing good security products, Ebay’s bungled Skype acquisition, “acqui-hire”; war on VOIP, sucky SIP protocol; Skype Pro coming
0:50:07Jessalyn Radack Greenwald e-mail; last Intercept story from April 4, Greenwald probably bad writer; has Snowden stuff dried up? Red Book: Greenwald auto-erotic asphyxiation death
1:02:10Producer Segment: JCD’s LIFO operation;,
1:11:23Fort Hood concealed weapons ban; Obama: “to keep firearms out of the hands of those who are having such deep difficulties”, ACC: “wow, y’know, where’s the knock on my door?”
1:15:50Sharpton “informant #17”; “forget about me”
1:20:23Holder to Gohmert: “you don’t wanna go there, buddy”; “forget about me”; “good luck with your asparagus”
1:28:41Years of Living Dangerously: “climate stresses”, Syria & Yemen, “Big Sandy”, sea level four feet higher; “global weirding”, “less dependent on the worst petro-dictators in the world…”
1:42:01Elizabeth Warren possible Hillary rival, possible Republican red herring
1:48:27Nomi Prins on Goldman Sachs; derivatives regulation; renminbi trading in Frankfurt; BRICS and IMF; Saudis no longer propping petrodollar after Iran détante; SDR next world currency
2:07:04Donation Segment
2:18:07Leo: “y’know, I think it’s really a small minority of people who are worried about privacy…”
2:19:15Pinger on “33.3 MHz”, frequency drift due to low power
2:25:38Death Wish IV “dialogue of the decade” overacting
2:27:18Sarah Bajc now in China, worked for Israeli high-tech firm and as a teacher in Beijing
2:31:17Doctors making millions off Medicare charges; AMA 1979 injunction to keep payout info secret
2:33:28Peter Matthiessen dead, Paris Review CIA front
2:35:13Mozilla CEO story, 90% of Mozilla money from Google; Kara Swisher conflict of interest
2:38:14Intelligence oversight bill to reveal black budgets; silence from economic hit man’s girlfriend
2:40:59Heartbleed bug; Condi on Dropbox board
2:45:41Murraysville school stabbing, no mention of medication
2:48:01Schumer on media shield bill, ACC: “if you’re not getting paid, you’re not a journalist”