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606 Get Ready to Rubble (2014-04-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “Who are these people kidding?”
0:00:32JCD’s birthday, last-minute travel cancellations
0:04:21National Volunteer Week (JCD guesses “S&M Week”), National Crime Victims’ Rights Week
0:08:32Malaysia: Anwar Bin Ibrahim purchased radar as Defense Minister, “…they do not hijack taxis”; Sarah Bajc’s on Chinese briefings: “for many obvious reasons”, Chinese doctored satellite imagery, fighter plane accompaniment; no word from Indonesia and no one talking about it; someone appears to have dropped the ball; media ratings still climbing
0:27:50Local news story on Chinese girl with GED getting into Columbia, constantly in tears
0:33:26Women in the World Conference, Thomas Friedman prediction of Hillary as President of US and Christine Lagarde as President of EU; Gayle King: “it was interesting to see that reaction about women ruling the world”, “fact-based and evidence-based decision making”
0:42:14State Department unaccounted-for $6bn; Hillary cancels trip to San Diego because of Benghazi protest; Mike Morell on Charlie Rose a day after Congress testimony
0:52:42Tunisia strategic partnership re-affirmed, “half a billion dollars in loan guarantees”
0:54:01Producer Segment: E-harmony bullied into spinning off LGBBTQQIAAP site
1:10:59Jim McDermott: “a bill crafted purely to appeal to the Cock brothers…”; Dan Coates in wrong hearing
1:13:565-year-old hacks XBox 1, “inappropriate games”; ACC on violin-playing barefoot kid in tree at farmer’s market; Rahm Emmanuel with Motorola CEO, grant to early college STEM schools, ACC: “STEM slaves!”, taxpayer-funded apprenticeships and internships
1:26:07Pollution in Paris: pine resin extract supposedly enhancing oxygen absorption; skyscrapers with trees on every other floor, bubble bath in fountains, popcorn as a packing material, rats
1:33:43Kerry: “denial of the science is malpractice”; World Bank climate change warning, “It feels like an all-out assault”; Journal of Agricultural Economics abstract on damage exaggeration
1:38:24Ask Adam: what do protesters in Belgium throw at police? Oranges and cobblestones
1:40:15Ukraine: Chevron not drilling under Russian border; NASA supposedly no longer working with Russia; Mike Rogers: “Russian intelligence services are cutting peoples ears off…”, “Remember, we have more KGB agents in the United States today…”; Rogers trying to quash short version of the Senate Intelligence Committee report; “Drunk Russian cuts off own ears”
1:49:17Obama on Republican budget implying they want to grow deficit, says nothing to support it
1:52:03Donation Segment
2:07:25The Dutch “participation society”; JCD’s doctor spending all his time doing paperwork; Dutch banks not extending credit to hospitals for upgrades; Republicans never say insurance companies are telling doctors what to do
2:12:48Heineken building a $100m brewery in Haiti, ACC: “wanna beer?”
2:16:25War on the Post Office: would apparently be profitable but for the pension pre-funding requirement; Eric Holder on heroin in the mail system
2:24:58Banker suicide meme: former ABN CEO Jan Peter Schmittmann and family killed; Iran/Russia deal on oil for goods, Rosneft/China oil deal in rubles
2:29:58Mrs. Buzzkill Jr.’s measles, arthritic middle finger; Wu-Tang Scam, No Agenda Scam planning
2:39:29Amy Goodman on bulk collection reauthorization; “hey Glenn, why didn’t you run the ZunZunio story?”, Amazon Dash, ACC: “do not bring this into your house”
2:43:16New books: The Long Mile Home on Boston Bombing, The Wrong Enemy on Afghanistan