Call Clooney!

605 Biostitutes (2014-04-03)

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0:00:00ACC: (stammering) “They were smart!” (2:10:56)
0:01:05Putiiin! clip clones
0:01:56Robert Kennedy Jr. global warming clip with every meme in the universe, “biostitutes”, “barbecue the planet” (CotD); Michio Kaku: “they admit that now”, adaptation and mitigation, $100bn needed for mitigation research; Charlie Rose: “urgency and fear”; Brian Williams: “clear and present danger”; Christopher Field: “‚Ķcapitalizes on opportunities for smart investments concerning adaptation”; California Climate Credit; “what’s not known and what’s not known”
0:28:47Producer Segment
0:50:17World Autism Awareness Day April 1, Cesar Chavez Day, National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month, National Financial Capability Month; ACC: “a scam is what’s in my wallet”; National Cancer Control Month, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, National Donate Life Month
0:57:57Ohio Hot Pockets and Mac & Cheese-eating student (CotD)
1:00:53ZunZunio the Cuban Twitter
1:02:44Xi Jinping doing deals in Europe with Airbus, Daimler, Ely Group dairy; Dutch infant formula/milk shortages; Chinese free trade zones, Medvedev trying to turn Crimea into such a zone
1:10:12Strait of Malacca strategic importance, MH370 as excuse to bring in the 7th Fleet, Malaysia blocking TPP, Malaysian incompetence meme; Philip Wood with an iPhone in his butt, Sarah Bajc; Yuxinou Rail Line
1:34:15Russian troops removed; Kerry/Ashton meeting, reverse the gas flow from EU to Ukraine, Chevron fracking; Kerry on stepping up defense funding
1:40:41Japan sales tax hike from 5% to 8%
1:42:17ACC reading Flash Boys; drinks with a banker/economic hit man, European banks are screwed and American banks will only get bigger, flash trading operates on smaller stocks that follow the large ones
1:45:36“Creepy clown” unmasked as marketing campaign for Fuzz on the Lens; “Big Papi selfie” sponsored by Samsung
1:50:20Donation Segment: Club 33 to be in a quonset hut
2:05:12LGBBTQQIAAP Mozilla-bashing from OkCupid; climate change killing the gays
2:11:49Inuit “sealfies” vs Ellen Degeneres; winning lawsuit means you have to give everything to charity
2:18:12Wall Street Journal tech reporter: “there’s a browser that’s become very popular, called Tor”, “that runs the source code” (CotD); Yahoo encrypting data centers; Amazon Fire Voice Search, ACC: “do not allow this in your house”, JCD: “‚Ķplay an endless loop of Disney’s It’s a Small World”; no computer can decode CW sent on HF
2:27:49Homeschooling Legal Defense Association video; producer note on “frameworks” programming students like computers; impossible “college and career ready” claim; New York schools’ out-of-control early detection programs, ACC: “off to special school with you!”; so-called sex offender for peeing in the park
2:37:13Guess the Movie: The Dark Knight Rises in Spanish
2:38:54Hollande pulls plug on Prime Minister; The Chinese Dream