Call Clooney!

604 Dead Jellyfish (2014-03-30)

Show 604 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Name the song, Jimmy Osmond’s Hit”
0:01:09Club 33 has burned to the ground
0:01:54Turkey: false flag YouTube post, “first Twitter, now YouTube, what’s next, Facebook?”; tomb of Süleyman Shah, NATO, ACC: “YouTube has become the leaker’s paradise”
0:12:35Obama on CBS, Putin Soviet Union tragedy meme, “We have interest in encircling Russia…” ACC: “why are we doing it then?”
0:16:53C-SPAN’s crummy new interface with missing videos; HR 4278 “Ukraine Support Act” funding Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and Voice of America; Ed Royce on exporting natural gas to Ukraine, JCD: “you can’t ban flaring, it’s a relief valve”, “self-imposed sanctions”; Overseas Private Investment Corporation to invest in Ukraine
0:33:36IMF reforms not in HR 4278; IMF 2010 Quota and Governance Reform, “multilateralism”, Dominique Strauss-Kahn framed and replaced by Chicagoan Christine Lagarde; SDR special drawing rights bonds to possibly replace petrodollar with NWO currency, Bretton Woods Committee all-in, SDR exchange rate based in part on GDP
0:49:51Lagarde on 1914, 1944; JCD and ACC disagree on where this is going and China’s role in it, debate whether the Fed can print our way out of another crisis
1:05:08Venetian and Sardinian separatism movement, “the system itself”, countries like Spain joining EU and borrowing money with no intent to pay back and subsequent enslavement; JCD: “Jack Lew saw one too many PowerPoint presentations”, compare to Michio Kaku publishing outside his expertise; Fed = banks
1:14:02Producer Segment
1:20:08SFO Customs & Border Control “glitch” fiasco; Joe O’Biden now pandering to Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Joe Biden “fillin’ in for the President” on the podcast
1:25:41Valerie Jarrett on pushing ObamaCare: “we’re really good at nagging”
1:29:15Flight 370: dead jellyfish
1:30:17Six-Week Cycle: Tamerlan Tsarnaev defense seeking surveillance data; bombs were not meant to explode; Dick Donahue hit by friendly fire; Russ Baker “Danny” piece on AlterNet
1:37:53Mike Rogers to host radio show on Cumulus, Dutch Ruppersberger playing spokeshole for NSA reforms: NSA “…maintain the privacy that we care so much about in this country”; Google user data privacy video; e-mail collection: “…citizens rights, and to protect our country”
1:50:47Push to declassify redacted section of 9/11 Joint Inquiry implicating Saudis; asylum denial for gay Saudi diplomat Ali Ahmad Asseri
1:54:07Donation Segment: Club 33 needs an independent arson investigation
2:08:22Guess the Movie: The Hobbit/Breakfast at Tiffany’s
2:10:58New autism explosion,, ACC: “if your kid is smart — autism”; ACC Tourette syndrome explanation; autism report from April 2012; “the A-word”
2:20:27Natalia Poklonskaya, “Prosecutie”; expiration date on women of various ethnicities; JCD on the Mormon “look”
2:27:04Venezuelan newspaper putting encrypted messages in crossword puzzles
2:27:57Clip Blitz: Arne Duncan $5bn discretionary funds, Race to the Top, Common Core; AAP on testing middle schoolers for cholesterol & depression, teens for HIV; Mrs. Buzzkill Jr. gets measles from the vaccine, lawsuit-proof vaccine producers’ lousy QA, PREP Act “countermeasures”; Ebola vaccine; Ukraine “Right Sector”; Internet Party running Darth Vader