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603 Revolution of Dignity (2014-03-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey, when I’m old enough I’ll be lifting the skirts with my cane.” (2:07:26)
0:00:40Ms. Micky doing a nude photo shoot with hot spin class model
0:02:14Nuclear Security Summit ludicrous opening video, Illuminati symbolism; 33 in all airplane registration numbers; Night Watch backdrop; Prime Minister Mark Rutte arrives on his bicycle; Obama press conference on Russian sanctions, one slow clap at the end; Obama on Manhattan nuke
0:18:04Ibragim Todashev judgment: “as if intending to impale rather than strike”; JCD: “if it’s a broomstick what’s the worst that could happen?”
0:21:58Kerry gives Sergey Lavrov two potatoes; North Korea missile launch; Marie Harf on #unitedforukraine; Russian military near border, Chuck Hagel: “but no one’s taking that to the bankā€¦”, report on the ground sees nothing; Siemens/Gazprom agreement extended; 50% gas price hike
0:29:49Nuland “attaboy” to Romania on ten years in NATO, ACC: “we have killed a lot of people together — good work, everybody!”; big Ukrainian shale gas fields; French fracking ban
0:34:42Haiku Herman on energy security; privatization means our companies pump the resource, sell it back to the country that owns it; isolating Russia as retaliation
0:39:47McCain PTSD warmongering; former Gorbachev administration minister’s analogy with Yugoslavia; Crimea on independence track already; Hillary set everything up and handed it off to hatchet-man Kerry, ACC: “long game, well played Madam”
0:50:55Producer Segment: JCD’s April Fools’ article about Sioux City changing city name to Gateway City; plug for
1:07:27Greek Independence Day; “approximately” 280 deployed in Kony search, ACC: “fighter jets! fighter jets to find a guy in the jungle!”; “All Out” organization refusing to disclose financials
1:14:28Chelsea Clinton “obsessed with diarrhea”
1:16:00LGBBTQQIAAP: “homosexual” is a slur; Joe O’Biden at Human Rights Campaign: “barbaric”, “Pass ENDA!”; Cecile Richards on Hobby Lobby controversy: “basic healthcare”
1:38:50Common Core: Next Generation Science Standards, “living at the speed of science” (CotD), Achieve, Inc., “knowledgeable consumers”; corporate-sponsored education contests; JCD recommends reading Marx and Engels, should be Engelsism instead of Marxism, The Civil War in the United States
1:56:39Donation Segment: flag etiquette inside cover of economics textbook
2:09:02Cass Sunstein’s new book Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas, Santa Claus conspiracy, let’s use shills
2:20:38Margaret Warner in Ukraine, “Putin equal Hitler, he is crazy” “revolution of dignity”; Svoboda party
2:28:27Rogers & Ruppersberger FISA Transparency and Modernization Act of 2014, no text available; reasonable articulable suspicion lower standard than probable cause; Snowden all-in; Rogers on Snowden as Russian spy; Obama “dialogue with the private sector” JCD: “while smoking Cohibas”
2:36:51Santa Clara Levi’s Stadium ordnances: no bugles, no lizards, no spilling
2:38:51Jimmy Carter on snail mail