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602 twitter mwitter (2014-03-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “Why would she kill him after the election, she needs the votes!” (2:16:15)
0:00:55Turkey: “twitter mwitter”, alternate DNS IP address graffiti, New America Foundation shill: no mention of non-Google DNS alternatives
0:10:26Ronan Farrow on Colbert Report, Office of Global Youth Policy “policy fomenting shop”; negative effects of graduating college at 15, ACC: “could you be any more American than Frank Sinatra’s illegitimate child?”; Farrow for President 2024; zombie plane scenario; Farrow not doing well on MSNBC
0:27:35Dinner with the O-bots; Mary Ann takes offense over moniker; The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie; middle class = not starving, not billionaire; Common Core: programming is art not math; iWatch bet revisited; OECD study refuted; JCD recommends Jacques Ellul’s Propaganda; Baylor alums on science turning into religion; public defender: privatized probation services as the new bonanza, probation fee, setup fee; HPV as “slut cancer”
0:57:48May 2, 2014 final O-Bot dinner, Six-Week Cycle, May Day highest holy day to the Illuminati
0:58:55Producer Segment: “Crackpot and Buzzpill”
1:13:48ACC and Ms. Micky at Bandana Ball
1:15:05Obama secret meeting with Zuckerburg, Schmidt, Hastings; John Podesta on privacy and big data, survey; NSA deputy director Ledgett at Vancouver TED, “minimization procedures”; Ashkan Soltani on minimization, ignoring “abouts” collection; creepy NSA video on Becky Richards, new Civil Liberties and Privacy Officer, “to protect privacy and civil liberties”
1:53:18One Year Ago Today: NewsProNet native advertising platform, now NPN Media
1:59:48Donation Segment
2:10:25The War on Men: Obama on women earning 77 cents on the dollar, Al Sharpton: “women make about 77 cents for every dollar man makes for doing the same job; don’t Republican needs to be more sensitive to issues like that?” (emphasis on the fallacy)
2:15:05Bill Clinton’s imminent in-the-saddle assassination, restating Red Book prediction; ACC: “hello, hello, sex workers!”; Pedobear lawsuit, Jeffrey Epstein’s information on Bill’s trips to private island Little St. James; “Kill Bill” dead pool
2:24:27Netherlands now Gitmo-ized because of nuclear summit; lunch to be served only by male servers over 25 years of age, no distractions allowed (perhaps); getting ICBMs back in Poland
2:27:47Colin Powell chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson on Thom Hartmann: on founding fathers, “they’d be astounded we hadn’t thrown some bastard out every generation…”, “certainly should have been used against George W. Bush”; Agnew and Nixon; Red Book on 6500 page document
2:32:17New Neocon Madeline Albright, Albright Stonebridge Group Russia & China connections; Putin “new Czar”; Jack Matlock, Reagan USSR ambassador, what-if on Occupy foreign leadership; ill-advised NATO expansion; Uncle Don probably knows the guy; “Russia is now not going to give up Crimea”
2:41:04Association agreement between EU and Ukraine signed but unpublished, first 3bn goes to Russia/Gazprom, “ambitious program of structural reforms”; three-class system with middle wanting to be European and lower controlled by Chinese triads; Ukrainian troops thrown off ships, Putin wants $11bn naval base lease back; possible Russian Orthodox vs Orthodox angle
2:47:24Agent cleared in Ibragim Todashev killing; 60 Minutes on smoking gun Boston bombing video