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601 Pilots of Terror (2014-03-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “Transnistria or Transmistria, which one is it?”
0:00:51Flight 370 ratings bonanza, Martin Savidge in the simulator; news media shark-jumps: “a small black hole would suck in our entire universe‚Ķ”; Dutch on alert for nuclear summit; Brolf on Tel Aviv “missile”, “last ring of trust” broken; James Hall on O’Reilly: “was the aircraft being remotely controlled?”
0:11:08Howie Mandel’s Deal With It paying public to humiliate itself
0:14:56Zbigniew Brzezinski, McCain war-mongering on Ukraine, “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country”; soldiers in black with AR-15s; Jen Psaki shut up slave moment about Russia shooting first tweet; Crimea situation in planning for some time
0:31:45Liz Wahl on The View: RT “abusive relationship”; Neocon Foreign Policy Initiative tweets 20-minute Wahl spoiler, James Kerchick & Robert Kagan on FPI board; For the Record on 2008 China/Russia “economic terrorist attacks”
0:41:38Hannity intro “we’ll put boot in your ass, it’s the American way” (JCDPPotD)
0:44:59“The Bracketologist-in-Chief”; O-bot dinner on Friday, “Hillbots”
0:47:48Carney on no Putin sanctions, “certain persons contributing to the situation in Ukraine”, “any United States person” JCD: “let’s go get Curry’s stuff!”; White House scripted press briefings; question and non-answer on Kiselev’s “radioactive dust”; ABC propaganda piece on Russian ICBM launch
0:58:24Producer Segment: executive producer ringtone level: $471.10; ACC invented “born on” for Budweiser
1:11:11Six-Week Cycle: Nicholas Michael Teausant arrest; Inspire magazine issue 12 released
1:20:09Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board meeting, James X. Dempsey questions on NSA vocabulary;; “abouts collection”; “service providers” not ISPs; end-to-end encryption by “providers” kills business model
1:40:23ICANN takeover: Internet Governance Forum, IDHR Article 19
1:53:39Syrian embassy suspension and staff expulsion; Assad “asshat”
1:56:08Robot Snowden at Vancouver TED: “democracy may die behind closed doors, but we as individuals are born behind those same closed doors”
1:59:41ACC: “the internet is dead, man!”; Fadi Chehad√© not going anywhere; ACC’s Diner 24 glasshole, ACC: “OK Google, show porn!”
2:03:35Donation Segment
2:19:41Nostalgia video: “Facebook was an actual face, and an actual book”
2:25:17Ukraine: sanctions will not work; liquid natural gas; CFR guy on getting Putin to “alter his calculus”; Moldovan Transnistria region another Crimea
2:38:25Human papilloma virus, JCD: “do you think this could explain the raspy voice of some commentator who sells seeds?”, pap smear changed to produce high false positive rate, new Roche HPV test with flawed clinical trial: “whole hearing in the bag”
2:43:52Neil deGrasse Tyson faith language: “science is not there for you to cherry-pick”, “the Bible is not there for you to cherry-pick”; “fact of the matter”, “matter of fact”
2:50:14David Ropeik piece on Italian scientist prison conviction
2:52:14Record number of FOIA requests denied by Obama administration
2:53:02General Jeffrey Sinclair plea deal, no sex offender registration
2:54:03PBS on San Francisco tech buses as limos/APCs; Democrat position on being pro-99%